While Thanksgiving is known for sleep inducing turkey dinners and sumptuous pie desserts, adventurous eaters know that the holidays can be a wonderful time to try new seasonal offerings. These are some of the food trends that are set to delight the foodie in all of us.

Turkey and Gravy Trends for 2016

Kicked Up Gravy – Why make your grandma’s boring gravy when you can add a couple flavor punches with rosemary, coriander or even citrus twists. Bringing gravy to a higher level will enhance the flavor of your roasted turkey.

Turkey Roulade – Instead of a traditional cooked bird, some chefs are turning to butterflied turkey breasts wrapped around various stuffing choices and slowly roasted. This allows you to put a personal stamp on your holiday bird.

Brined Turkey – While the fried turkey may be considered passé, the idea of brining your turkey for days before cooking has not gone by the wayside. This is a tradition that will stand the test of time due to the added flavor and tenderness.

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Delicious Side Dishes Not to Miss

Kale – A superfood that has slowly found its way onto many American dinner tables will likely been crowned the veggie of choice at many Thanksgivings throughout the country. Kale can be prepared in so many ways it lends itself to almost any holiday table.

Gluten Free Options – Another trend that will surely be present this holiday is the inclusion of gluten free options for those with food allergies as well as those who avoid gluten by choice. Many turkey, veggie and potato options can easily be made without gluten.

Mashed “Not Potatoes” – Instead of the traditional bowl of mashed or whipped potatoes, this year many diners will enjoy mashed root vegetables such as carrots, celery root or rutabaga. This variation on plain potatoes adds a level of sophistication to any holiday meal.

Fermentation – A popular 2016 trend that will likely find it’s way to the holiday dinner table is fermented foods of all kinds. Kimchi will spice up any Thanksgiving spread with use in a range of side dishes.

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The Best New Thanksgiving Desserts

Mash Up Desserts – These tiny delights are a cross between a pie, a meringue and a cupcake. They are small fruit filled pie crusts with a meringues style topping. They are a delicious new way to round out a perfect Thanksgiving meal.

Sweet Potato Desserts – One of the years trending dessert recipes includes sweet potatoes not on the dinner table, but in many different dessert options. With options such as sweet potato pie, sweet potato snicker doodles or sour cream-sweet potato pie how can you go wrong?

Cookie Crusts – How can you take a traditional pie and make it better? Bake it in a cookie crust and then ask your guests what they think.

Cheesecakes of All Kinds – With everything from pumpkin cheesecake the goat cheese variety, this dessert staple will see many spins during the 2016 holiday season.

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