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When it comes time to sell your beautiful Laguna Beach luxury home, there are few upgrades that offer a bigger return on investment than those in the kitchen. For many home owners and their families, the kitchen is the heart of the home and one room where it never hurts to spare any expense in upgrading with the latest appliances and designs.

If you are thinking about selling your Laguna Beach home, here a few kitchen upgrades that will up the appeal of your home to buyers to consider:

Energy-Saving Appliances

Today’s appliances are about a lot more than sticking with the latest trends in design. An increasing awareness of the environment and the carbon footprint of homes has led all of the major appliance companies to manufacture products with technology to make them smarter and more efficient in their functioning. Energy-saving appliances are a major attracting factor to home buyers because not only do they reduce the carbon footprint of their home, but they also save on monthly energy bills.

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Especially in the luxury properties of Laguna Beach, appliances should always be top-of-the-line and never more than three years old according to some experts. When home buyers do start touring your magnificent home, show them a list of all of the recent appliance upgrades you have made to the home. These amenities will go a long way.

Upgrade Fixtures

Being a luxury home owner, you are no doubt not a stranger to the kitchen renovation process. Prior to selling your home, give your kitchen one last update by upgrading the light and plumbing fixtures. These small fixes are easy and inexpensive, allowing you to spruce up your kitchen with minimal hassle.

This also gives you a chance to get rid of any outdated fixtures such as those large fluorescent bulbs. Opt instead for simple pendant fixtures or even recessed lighting for a soft, warm glow in your kitchen.

Breathe New Life Into Cabinetry

Perhaps the first element of the kitchen that will jump out to buyers upon entering the room is the cabinetry. Take stock of your existing cabinetry and make sure that the style, color and detailing is still current with design trends. If something is revealed to be outdated, now is the time to take action.

Minimalism seems to be an overarching theme in many luxury kitchens these days. Many home owners are embracing the “less is more” motto, incorporating minimal ornamentation on their cabinets and instead focusing on clean modern lines throughout the room. If your cabinets are in relatively good shape but might need just a little sprucing, consider painting or restaining them. Another option is to get the doors refaced. Even just changing out the cabinet pulls and knobs can be a simple trick to make your cabinets a show stopping piece of your home to buyers.

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