Southern California Luxury Kitchen Design

The ultra-luxury market is one that sees it all. From multi-leveled, automatic garages that store some of the world’s rarest cars to entire rooms devoted to activities like gift wrapping to personal yoga studios, the highest of the high-end properties in Southern California can represent the ultimate desires of the richest home owners in the world.

One of the perennial favorites among the ultra-rich is the kitchen, decked out in all of the latest industrial-strength, high-end appliances, including but not limited to Sub-zero refrigerators, multiple heavy-duty dishwashers, commercial grade ranges, warming drawers, in-wall cappuccino makers and even a secondary kitchen adjacent to the full kitchen.

On the luxury market, these features along with many more included in the best kitchens throughout Southern California, are becoming strong selling points. What is most curious about the continual emergence of this trend is that the wealthiest buyers who purchase the most exquisite appliances for their kitchens, don’t even cook.

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“The trend that I’m seeing is that when people entertain in these apartments they hand the kitchen over to a hired chef or a hired caterer,” said John Burger, a Manhattan-based luxury real estate agent, to Forbes.

Updated, Open-Flow Kitchens A Strong Luxury Selling Point

According to the American Institute of Architects, as the housing market continues to recover luxury buyers are looking deeper and deeper into their kitchens in order to create a space that is capable of entertaining large parties while also incorporating a sense of style that allows the kitchen to seamlessly blend with the exquisite decor of the home. This is somewhat of a reversal from the earlier days when cooking was relegated to the bowels of the home where a hired staff took care of everything.

This is evident in some of Los Angeles’ most historic luxury homes such as the Beverly House and Singleton House, which have been languishing on the market for $135 million and $75 million respectively. Both homes incorporate an enclosed kitchen design, which bar the room from the rest of the home and disrupt the open flow that has become so popular over the years.

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“This socio-economic level of resident did not gather in the kitchen in the 1920s,” said Burger.

As a result, many of historic homes on the market do not even show their kitchens in the listing photos or marketing materials as they are considered too far off trend by luxury home buyers.

In addition to the open-flow incorporation of the kitchen into the rest of the home, many luxury buyers are also interested in secondary kitchens or even glorified butler pantries. These spaces are now being designed with top-of-the-line appliances to serve as staging areas, food prep areas or even just a kitchen to use when its just two people that don’t want to dirty the real kitchen.

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