The color of your home is the first thing people see when they first visit your home. Whether you are thinking about selling your home or you just want a change of pace for your family, exterior paint color says something about your home. Finding the right paint color can initially seem like a headache of a task. Do you want to opt for a neutral like beige or are you considering a pop of color?

Getting Started in Choosing an Exterior Paint Color

Before you jump in and try to choose a specific color, a good first step is to pin down a couple of color families that you gravitate toward. By identifying the color family you like best, you can start to narrow down your options. Having samples available that hit different shades of your color family will help you start to identify the ones you like the best. This process can take up to a few weeks to determine the right color.

Outdoor Color Trends

As trends come and go, homeowners and those looking to sell their homes often end up with more organic tones that warm and soften the homes exterior. Earth-toned greens and warm browns help to richen the color palette and give a subtle modern feel.

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Testing Your Potential Paint Colors

Once you have identified the top few choices, it’s time to test. Testing your paint on a wall is often the best way to narrow down your choices to just one. What looks like a dark option on a color swatch in a well-lit home improvement store, may look very different when it spans a larger area. When you put paint testing swatches on your home, you should also pay attention to the sheen and finish, as those will also change the way you see the color on your home. Be sure to view your paint samples and material samples outside at various times throughout the day in different lighting. This will give you an idea of what your colors will look like under different conditions.

Choosing Accent Colors

Once you’ve chosen the main color for the exterior of your home, you’re not done yet. Next you will need to choose your accent colors. In addition to the main color, you will also have color options for the siding, trim, and roofing of your home. These are things that should be taken into account when choosing colors. Ideally, choose two colors for the home exterior when the siding is brick or stone. You will need to choose three colors when the siding will also be painted as the main color. Opt for complementary colors for the trim and accent color for doors, shutters, and decorative trim.

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What Does Your Paint Color Say About You?

Your home’s style says a lot about your family. Is it casual, elegant, modern or historic? But what if the style of your home makes a neutral statement? This is where paint color can tell many tales. If your house lacks a style personality, paint it in colors that create a unique sense of style.

Best Exterior Paint Colors for Selling Your Home

Paint options when selling your home should help set the stage for your home. If your neighborhood is full of white houses, you might opt for a mid-tone instead of a dark color to stand out. Stay away from colors that might scare off potential buyers. Bolder color options can be used on smaller elements, like the front door or shutters. If your neighborhood has a certain appeal, while you want your home to make a statement, you don’t want it to be too loud.

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