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In the beautiful locale of Southern California, it’s difficult to not be inspired by the wondrous natural surroundings and astonishing vistas that many of the area’s most luxurious homes provide. It was this premise of natural-inspired beauty that Los Angeles-based designers Makoto Mizutani and Benjamin Luddy chose to feed from in designing their relaxed home products.

The divine duo established their studio Scout Regalia in 2008 after graduating from the Southern California Institute of Architecture and have since been working to bring smart, practical and architecturally-inspired items to area home owners. What makes Scout Regalia’s designs stand out from the countless other designers is that their focus is not to create works that are aesthetically beautiful, but rather well-functioning and practical, which is truly what Mizutani and Luddy find true beauty in.

“We’re inspired by the act of living, utility and the function of how things work,” Luddy said to the Los Angeles Times. “‘Pretty’ is not a Scout Regalia word.”

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However, that is not to say that the designs that come out of Los Angeles aren’t pleasing to the eye at all. In fact, the relaxed, yet very modern look of Scout Regalia’s designs have caught the eye of many Los Angeles-area home owners. The product line includes an oak outdoor table set with colorful accents, heavy-gauge powder-coated steel wall hooks and handcrafted wood bookshelves among much more.

The duo works with local fabricators and suppliers to create products that are unique and native to Southern California. Each of the¬†products are grounded in style and practicality, but the sound design and architectural aspect can help each piece to elevate a room’s elegance and functionality.

Los Angeles Home Prices Ride The High And Beautiful Wave

Home owners in and around Los Angeles have a lot more to look forward to than the world’s most innovative furniture designers at their fingertips. According to Altos Research, a California-based real estate analytics company, home prices have risen in Los Angeles over the last few months, cresting just recently and leveling off at a high point.

Altos reports that the median single-family home value in Los Angeles is currently $644,985. This isn’t the highest value seen yet this year, but is near the height as home values came down just slightly after cresting in July and August right around $650,000. Although prices have downgraded slightly, home owners have yet to see a dramatic drop in Los Angeles and given the high demand for homes in the area, that occurrence might be very unlikely.

Inventory has yet to recover fully in Los Angeles, with Altos reporting about 2,067 properties on the market. Low amounts of available homes for buyers have been somewhat of a problem throughout Southern California but the markets have managed to regulate and survive regardless.

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