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Katy Perry has run into some problems with purchasing a Los Angeles property. While the pop singer reached an agreement on the property, other interested parties claim the mega-star doesn’t have the right to purchase the property. What is the property in question? A convent situated on eight acres of land in Los Feliz.

Katy Perry Makes Purchase Agreement with the Wrong Party

According to the nuns who still live in the convent that Katy Perry wants to purchase, the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the singer made an agreement with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to purchase the property for $14.5 million. The nuns dispute that the Archdiocese had the right to sell the property. Furthermore, they claim they have already entered into a deal with Dana Hollister to sell the convent for $15.5 million.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Perry attempted to win over the nuns by singing to them. The ruse didn’t work, however, as the nuns stuck to their original plans to sell the property to Hollister.

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Dana Hollister Takes Position of the Property in Question

Once used to house more than 50 nuns, the property in question is now used by just five nuns. At least two of the remaining nuns claim the property is theirs to sell. After hearing that the archdiocese was working out a deal with Perry, the nuns apparently rushed through their deal with Hollister in order to get the property signed over to her before the archdiocese could complete its deal.

Hollister, who is a restauranteur who has been purchasing property in and around Silver Lake, has not announced what she plans to do with the property. Rumors have been flying that she plans to turn the property into a boutique hotel. While Hollister won’t confirm or deny the rumors, going that route would require making changes to the current zoning. In addition, residents of the neighborhood have already expressed that they are against the idea.

Regardless of her plans for the property, Hollister may not have the opportunity to move forward with them. The diocese maintains that the nuns do not have the right to sell the property and that Perry is the rightful new owner. As such, the archdiocese is moving forward with the paperwork to complete the sale, with Perry reportedly paying the $14.5 million price in cash. The diocese has also moved to sue Hollister in an effort to void her purchase.

While the outcome to this legal dispute is still up in the air, the court ordered that Perry should be allowed to visit the property with her architect. What Perry plans to do with the property is still unknown, though one of the nuns reports that Perry told her she wanted to move into the property with her mother and grandmother. She also reportedly said she wanted to sit in the meditation garden, drink green tea and find herself.

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