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What started as an effort to make the community of Newport Beach more intriguing and whimsical for local home owners has descended into cries of “We need to blow up the bunnies!” and open public disgust. Curbed Los Angeles reported the war cry was hurled at a recent meeting by a newly elected city council member in protest of a public art installation on the grounds of the Newport Beach Civic Center.

With such a vehement opposition, one might think the subject of the installation might be a graphic display of the human body or a dysmorphic representation of some sort of figure. However, the sculptures at the center of all of the controversy in Newport Beach depict nothing more than a group of 14 white bunnies, each about as tall as an average adult. There are two more eight-foot bunnies located elsewhere on the grounds as well.

Much like the plaster geese sculptures many home owners may display on their front porches, the bunnies are dressed up for various holidays and are adored by the local children. Despite their seeming innocence however, the bunnies have been a constant source of controversy since they were unveiled.

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For some the sculptures have been a puzzling addition to the otherwise sparse collection of government buildings throughout the city. “Finally, somebody unwrapped them, and we said, ‘What in the world?'” recalled local consultant David Ellis to the Los Angeles Times.

Still others have been quick to stand up for what the bunnies represent to those who have long been members of the upscale community.

“The bunnies, to me, they’re lighthearted and fun, which is what Newport Beach used to be before it became so absorbed in this kind of controversy,” said resident Dean Laws to the Los Angeles Times.

Bunnies Haven’t Dampened Newport Beach Luxury Home Market

Many members of the Newport Beach community have stood in opposition to the sculptures, which cost the city a reported $221,000. The strong sense of community that has rallied around its citizens is something that has made Newport Beach one of the most desirable communities to live in throughout Southern California.

Altos Research, a California-based real estate analytics company, reports the median single-family home value in Newport Beach has remained steady around its current value of $2,348,808 for the last few months. This is an incredibly balanced market as indicated by Altos’ unique figure known as the Market Action Index, which uses 30 as a neutral zone and indicates with higher values that sellers are in favor and with lower values that buyers are in favor.

With a current MAI of 30.30, Newport Beach is incredibly balanced meaning this is a market where anyone can have the upper hand in negotiations making it a great time to invest in a beautiful luxury home here.

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