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Hollywood’s elite continue to swap luxury properties throughout the most exclusive neighborhoods around Los Angeles. Lately its been the Hollywood Hills section of the city that has seen a tremendous amount of real estate activity. Recently television personality Jimmy Kimmel and Academy Award winning actress Jodie Foster unloaded some rather exquisite properties in the Hills. Now legendary comic book writer and another favorite of the Academy, Meryl Streep, are looking to join their ranks as each have listed their exquisite Hollywood Hills homes in the last few weeks.

Streep was first up to the docket. Last year the “Sophie’s Choice” actress purchased a midcentury home in the Hills for a reported $4.5 million. The home has a little bit of architectural history. Known as the Honnold and Rex Research House, the home was built in 1954 as a part of the Case Study program, which was an effort to encourage architects to experiment with new building materials and design methods in the 1950s and ’60s.

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True to its history, the home is a midcentury architectural marvel. The 3,700 square feet of living space includes airy dining and living spaces, four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Glass walls populate almost the entire posterior portion of the home, and reveal a back patio outfitted with outdoor living furniture, a pool and spa.

After just a year of ownership, Streep attempted to sell the home for $6.75 million, well over what she paid for it. However, after failing to find a buyer that believes a home could appreciate by more than 50 percent in one year with no major renovations, she was forced to drop her asking price. Eventually the property sold in late August to New York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez, for $4.8 million.

Lee Asking $3.75 Million for Hollywood Hills West Home

In a flip that isn’t quite as ambitious as Streep’s, Marvel Comics former president and chairman Stan Lee just recently listed his own Hollywood Hill West property for $3.75 million. Lee purchased the property in 2006 for $3.599 million.

The home is located in a secluded cul-de-sac, with walls and gates to add to the privacy of the site which is nearly a fifth of an acre. The home was originally built in 1945 and features 2,500 square feet of living space. Tax record indicate that there are four bedrooms, six bathrooms and a fireplace in the living area. Beyond that, it seems there is nothing remarkable about the home itself, which is perhaps why the property is being billed as a build or develop opportunity.

The grounds of the home are perhaps what held the appeal for Lee back in 2006. The land is flush with mature landscaping and offers views of the city below and the surrounding greenbelt.

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