In response to ever-growing concerns about parking in Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti asked the Los Angeles Parking Reform Working Group to brainstorm possible solutions to the problem. Just recently, the organization released its 40-page report filled with recommendations for the city to consider. While the city has not taken any action or made any decisions regarding the recommendations at this point, it is a good idea to learn more about what the group is proposing. In this way, residents of the city can be better prepared to provide their feedback and to express any concerns that they may have regarding the suggestions. Here’s a look at a few of the reforms the report suggests.

Expand the ExpressPark Program

The ExpressPark program is a variable pricing system that is currently in place in Downtown Los Angeles. With the program, the price of parking meters changes according to the demand for parking spots throughout the day. The city has already implemented plans to bring similar meters to Hollywood, Venice and Westwood, but the recommendation is to spread the program even further. The report also recommends developing pricing structures that account for nearby events and holidays. This would likely result in changes such as higher parking prices near the Staples Center on game night as well as increased parking prices near malls at Christmastime.

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Implement a Freight Parking Program

Currently, freight drivers are responsible for more than $4 million worth of traffic tickets simply because they find it difficult to load and unload items without blocking red zones or double parking. The report calls for reforming how the city deals with these freight vehicles when they are engaged in short-term parking. Namely, the report suggests identifying the 20 streets where freight drivers most frequently acquire traffic citations and creating “freight loading only” zones in those area. The report also suggests providing freight drivers with special parking permits that would provide them with access to freight spots.

Create an Intelligent Street Cleaning Program

Rather than closing of parking on a street for blocks of time in order to accommodate street cleaning vehicles, the report recommends tracking these vehicles with GPS. In this way, street cleaning restrictions can be updated in real time, helping to eliminate tickets that are given to drivers where streets have already been cleaned or where cleaning has been cancelled for the week. The report further recommends implementing a text or email notification system to inform residents when it is once again safe to park in a particular area.

Modify Street Signs

Street signs in LA can sometimes be confusing and even conflicting. Therefore, the report recommends installing dynamic signage with displays that can be easily changed at any moment. The report also recommends having street signs carry a unique QR code that drivers can use to access information with their phones.

While the Mayor still has to make a decision regarding the changes that might be made to address traffic issues in LA, it is refreshing to know that the Mayor is taking the issue seriously. To learn more about Los Angeles, including Southern California real estate opportunities, contact our team of luxury real estate experts.

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