Newport Beach Luxury Home Trends

With the finest interior designers and most exquisite appliances and materials at their disposal, luxury home owners pretty much have carte blanche when it comes to customizing their homes to their own luxurious specifications. Being at the very forefront of design trends, luxury home remodels are often the most exciting to watch as they indicate the direction in which the traditional market will move in time.

Like trends in real estate and fashion, luxury design trends and features tend to go in and out of style very quickly as the latest technological advances can out-date them in no time. As a result it is important to stay on top of the latest trends making waves in homes on the luxury real estate market.

Here are the latest luxury renovations trending in Newport Beach’s finest homes.

The Smarthome

Home owners wanting the power to control aspects of the home such as temperature, privacy from motorized window shades or security systems at the click of a button, now have that power thanks to innovations in smartphone technology. Home technology providers such as Via International now have the power to completely wire a home so that a smartphone virtually anywhere in the world can do anything from drawing the shades to heating up the sauna.

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“Everyone is [digitally] connected in some way,” says Eric Thies, founding partner of Via International. “And that allows you to control your home.”

A Separate House for Entertaining

One of the most extravagant trends that luxury market watchers have been seeing more of lately is the construction of separate, stand-alone houses for entertaining purposes only. Home owners typically outfit these buildings with boisterous amenities that they might not want in their main residence such as indoor pools, media rooms and basketball or squash courts.

One home owner in Manhattan took this concept to a high-density, urban arena when they converted a second penthouse apartment into the opulent “Jewel Box,” where residents could host social gatherings. “People find it appealing to be able to entertain outside the home but within the building,” says Brian K. Lewis, a broker for a Manhattan property firm.

Reinventing the Mudroom

The mudroom has long been one of those classic rooms that just gets overlooked in the overall design of the home because of the high-traffic area it provides. With innovations in technology and home products, this room is no longer an afterthought but rather a bustling heart of the home. Mudrooms now have radiant heated floors, salon-grade pet washing areas, state-of-the-art washers and dryers and cleverly built storage space.

These spaces are ideal for families with active children or even active singles or  childless couples, as they provide a well thought-out staging area that helps to keep the rest of the home neat, orderly and pristine. In the Newport Beach community, these are the areas where beach accessories and debris can be shed, keeping sand and grime out of the rest of the home.

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