Following Boston’s decision to back out of the 2024 Olympic Games, Los Angeles is poised and ready to take on the position as the host location for the big event. According to recent reports, the U.S. Olympic Committee has stated it is “very, very optimistic” that the city will be named as the official candidate for the United States within the next few weeks.

Bringing the Games to Los Angeles

Originally selected to serve as the U.S. candidate for the Olympic Games, Boston ultimately backed out of the arrangement following weeks of criticism regarding the city’s efforts to prepare for the games. During this time, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh had expressed concerns about signing an agreement to finance the games without being provided more information about how hosting the games could benefit the city. Ultimately, Boston and the U.S. Olympic Committee parted ways on July 27th, with Los Angeles proposing to take the city’s spots shortly afterward.

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In an effort to secure its position as the candidate for hosting the games, Los Angeles is finalizing a $4.1 billion bid. The budget will reportedly include financial guarantees if the games should run over budget. The budget would also include a $400 million contingency and $200 million to cover city expenses.

In addition to putting together an impressive budget for hosting the games, the city also seems to have public support for the move. Recent polling conducted by the U.S. Olympic Committee has found that 81 percent of respondents were in favor of bringing the games to Los Angeles. Not only are these figures far more impressive than Boston, where public support seemed to be wavering, but such a high level of support will also be sure to impress International Olympic Committee voters as they determine where the games will ultimately take place.

Preparing the Public for the Olympic Games

Los Angeles wasn’t the only city to express an interest in taking Boston’s place after the city backed out of the deal. Both San Francisco and Washington also sought to be the American bidder, but Los Angeles came out as the front-runner rather quickly. To gain the official nod from the Olympic Committee, however, the city will need to maintain public support even after the public learns about the $4.1 billion price tag. If the city is chosen to be the American representative, it will have to sign an agreement governing its business arrangement with the U.S. Olympic Committee as well as with a newly created, privately operated bid committee.

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While the terms of the agreement are still being negotiated and have not been discussed with the public, the Boston terms indicate that the city will be held financially responsible if expenses for hosting the Olympics are greater than its revenue. Despite these potential risks, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti appears to be firmly in favor of bringing the games to the city. Whereas some of the games’ host cities have gone over budget in the past, this was largely due to infrastructure improvements made in the name of the event. Garcettie has vowed to include no capital improvements in the city’s proposal. The deadline for submitting the bid is September 15th.

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