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In a year that has proven to be big for luxury home sales in Southern California, the biggest sale of all may be looming as Petra Ecclestone Stunt has listed her opulent megamansion for a reported $150 million. The 25-year-old Formula 1 heiress bought the mansion in 2011 for a cool $85 million, before putting millions of dollars more into the home for renovations. Just three years later, the heiress and her entrepreneur husband James Stunt, have fallen out of love with the storied home and are quietly listing it off-market.

Massive does not even begin to describe the 56,500-square-foot manor that sits on 4.7 acres in the ritzy Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. The home features 14 bedrooms including one known as the “Prince Charles Suite,” after the Prince of Wales and his then-wife Princess Diana stayed in the room during a visit.

Ecclestone is only the second owner of the property as the manor was built in 1991 by television uber-producer Aaron Spelling and his wife Candy. The property’s first owners made it famous, not just for their high-profiles, but for the unique uses they found for the 110-room property. Candy, who is an avid collector of dolls, had dedicated rooms for displaying her dolls in addition to a gift-wrapping room and a bowling alley.

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After Spelling’s death in 2006, Candy maintained the property for a few years before opting to downsize to something less expansive. Originally, she put an asking price out on the home for $150 million before reducing her price and selling to a then 23-year-old Ecclestone for $85 million.

No stranger to anything less than the very highest-end of luxury, Ecclestone told W Magazine of her home purchase, “I need space, I was living in an apartment before, in London, so it’s a change. That was 5,000 square feet. Then I moved into our other house in London, which was 20,000 square feet.”

She added: “I know that the house is huge, and yes, it really is quite overwhelming, but with the other houses we looked at that were a similar size to this, you felt like you were in a museum.”

Heiress Customized Super-Luxury Home

Despite the sheer extravagance of a home built for TV royalty, the home was not quite up to standard to the billionaire heiress. Shortly after her purchase of the home, Ecclestone hired interior designer Gavin Brodin for a massive overhaul of the home that reportedly doubled her investment in the home.

Now that renovations are complete, the home boasts three hair salons, a massage room, a bi-level wardrobe, nightclub, cinema and a master suite that outsizes most apartments at 7,000 square feet and boasts a private kitchen and living room. While most homes have elaborate garages, this manor features a “motor court” with enough space house up to 100 cars.

Neighborhoods such as Holmby Hills in Los Angeles contain homes that are the very epitome of luxury and class. If you are interested in luxury Los Angeles real estate, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of property experts today.

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