There are so many great things about living in Southern California, and perhaps one of the best is the ability to enjoy comfortable weather year round. With such a pleasant climate to enjoy every month of the year, Californians have the luxury of enjoying their very own pools 365 days a year.

Take a good look at your pool – is it in need of some updating? If so, consider incorporating one of the following trends in pool landscaping to make the most out of your backyard oasis.

Underwater Windows

More and more homeowners in Southern California are getting their pool landscapers and designers to incorporate underwater windows to their pools. Many are even requesting to have entire sides or bottoms of pools finished in acrylic or Plexiglas to give swimmers a view to the outside even while submerged underwater. It’s a big job, but the final product can certainly be incredibly impressive if the pool is positioned nearby something that warrants a view from beneath.

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Knife-Edge Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are hardly anything new, but ‘knife-edge’ pools are the next generation of infinity edges. Rather than having water spill over just one edge of the pool, a knife edge lets water spill out from all four sides. This provides a beach feel to the pool, allowing chairs to be easily placed along the slope. It’s also great for small children to enter the waters through the seamless entry, and makes it easier for adults to supervise.

Nature Infused

Today’s modern pools look a lot more like a pond in a natural setting than a traditional pool. An increasing number of homeowners and pool landscapers are incorporating plants, rocks, sandstone, and other living organisms to make the pool look and feel more like a natural swimming hole that would be found in any natural landscape. Natural pools can even depend on the surrounding plants to keep the water clean instead of using chemical-laden chlorine. Not only does this make the water safer and healthier, it also costs less to run and reduces the carbon footprint left on the environment.

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Automatic Pool Covers

Pool covers are great for keeping debris out of the water, reduce evaporation, and keep the water warm without having to solely rely on heaters. However, they can be a nuisance to have to put on and take off. Today’s innovative pool covers are fully automatic, and can be maneuvered with the simple touch of a button.

Pool Automation

In addition to automatic pool covers, all the other accessories that create the perfect ambiance – such as lights, music, water temperature, and waterfalls – can be operated remotely. There’s no need to have to manually turn on these features. Instead, they can all be operated inside the home before you even go outside. The perfect mood will be ready for you once you get there.

If your pool is still wallowing in designs from yesteryear, it may be time for a total overhaul. When it comes time for new pool landscaping and design, consider any one of the above features to transform your pool into a true masterpiece.

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  1. 4 beds, 3 baths
    Home size: 3,124 sq ft
    Lot size: 8,598 sqft
  2. 6 beds, 5 baths
    Home size: 6,185 sq ft
    Lot size: 7,440 sqft
  3. 4 beds, 6 baths
    Home size: 4,082 sq ft
    Lot size: 10,441 sqft
  4. 4 beds, 5 baths
    Home size: 4,097 sq ft
    Lot size: 30,343 sqft
  5. 5 beds, 5 baths
    Home size: 4,989 sq ft
    Lot size: 6,549 sqft

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