As the popularity of eating fresh, healthy and organic foods continues to grow, so does the demand among homeowners to find a way to grow the foods on their own. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not have the space necessary to plant a full-sized garden in their yard. If you want to enjoy the benefits of having a garden but you are lacking the space, you might want to consider looking into edible landscaping.

Benefits of Edible Landscaping

With the help of edible landscaping, you can achieve two major goals. First, you can create an attractive landscape that will add value to your home. Second, you can grow food that you and family can enjoy. By combining berry bushes, nut trees, fruit trees, edible flowers and herbs with ornamental plants, you can create an aesthetically pleasing design that also provides your household with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

By including edible plants in your landscape design, you can enjoy many benefits. First, an edible landscape gives you the opportunity to pick and eat fresh fruits and vegetables directly from your yard. Not only is this tasty and convenient, but it can also help you save money when you no longer have to purchase these items from the grocery store. Growing your own produce also allows you to control the amount of pesticides and herbicides in your food while also providing you with the opportunity to grow unique foods that may not be available in the store. Of course, by incorporating fruits and vegetables into your landscape, you also reduce the amount of lawn space that you have to mow and otherwise maintain.

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Choosing Edible Landscape Elements

Choosing the fruits and vegetables that you would like to include in your edible landscape is really a matter of selecting the types of foods that you enjoy eating. Tomato and pepper plants can easily be added to an ornamental flower bed to add a splash of additional color. Blackberry and raspberry bushes can also be used to create a border around the yard, while fruit trees can also double as shade trees. Avoid placing fruit bushes and trees near your patio or other structures, however, as cleaning rotten fruit from these areas can be quite the chore.

Many homeowners also fail to realize that some decorative flowers are also edible. Day lilies, begonias, pansies, carnations, peonies and roses, for example, are all edible flowers that can make a great garnish or addition to a salad. Many different types of herbs are also quite attractive and can be a lovely addition to a flower garden or other landscape feature.

When it comes to creating an edible landscape, your taste buds are the only limit. Simply choose your spots wisely to ensure your plants get plenty of sunlight and then enjoy eating the literal fruits of your labor.

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