First impressions last the longest, and that couldn’t be more true in the world of real estate. One of the first components that guests – and even homebuyers – notice about any property is the front entrance. How your home’s front entrance is decorated and laid out can make a huge difference in its ambiance and aura, and essentially sets the tone for the rest of your home, so you want to be sure to get things right from the get-go. Here are 5 ideas to create a luxurious front entrance that’s fit for royalty.

Lead Guests to the Front Door

Before your guests even reach the front door of your home, guide them there in style. They may obviously know how to get there, but leading them there via a number of different methods can make them feel like they’re walking down the aisle. A clear pathway from the driveway or street directly to the front door is like putting out a big “welcome” sign. You can do this by installing a stone walkway, a pathway marked by florals or greenery, or even lights.

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Illuminate Your Front Entrance with Lighting

The use of lighting is especially important as the sun starts to set. An abundance of lights at the front entrance not only helps you and your guests avoid stumbling on the way to the door, it also helps direct people there. Put lights under the roof of your home, spotlights against the exterior wall or strategically-placed plants, and a statement chandelier under the outside foyer can create an elegant and sophisticated lobby.

Grand Table and Chair

As much as you want to give your house guests something to visually marvel at, you also want to provide them with an element of convenience once they make their way inside the home. When they first come in, they’ll need somewhere to set their bags or keys down, as well as something to sit on when removing their shoes. This offers the added benefit of making a front entrance feel cozy and welcoming. But don’t just use any old table and chair – make sure to choose something that acts as both a functional piece as well as a statement piece.

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Mirrors aren’t just reserved for bathroom vanities or bedroom dressers. Installing an oversized mirror in an opulent frame makes for the perfect piece of decor for a front entrance. Not only does it allow you and your guests to check their hair or makeup before entering or exiting the home, it also helps to visually expand the space in an eclectic way.

Fine Art

A stylish entrance should almost always greet guests with a piece of artwork that gives them a clear indication of what your personality is like. Foyers present homeowners with the opportune spot to hang artwork on walls or put a sculpture on display, usually providing plenty of space for this purpose. Whether it’s an abstract oil painting on canvas or a postmodernist steel sculpture, the art piece you choose to adorn your front entrance with can set the tone for the rest of your home’s interior decor.

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  1. 5 beds, 3 baths
    Home size: 3,126 sq ft
    Lot size: 6,251 sqft
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    Home size: 3,078 sq ft
    Lot size: 13,883 sqft
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    Home size: 3,328 sq ft
    Lot size: 10,163 sqft
  4. 5 beds, 5 baths
    Lot size: 5,990 sqft
  5. 3 beds, 3 baths
    Home size: 2,411 sq ft
    Lot size: 7,340 sqft

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