Showing your house at its absolute best is one of the most important ways to make sure you earn top dollar. These five things can help your house put its best foot first and find a buyer fast.

Point #1: Make Your Home Sparkle

While showing a clean house seems obvious, less than total cleanliness is a common complaint of many real estate agents. When you decide to list your home, start with a deep cleaning of the entire home, things like steaming carpets, mopping floors, wiping windows and cleaning appliances inside and out. Then when an agent requests a showing all you will have to focus on is eliminating crumbs on countertops, wiping out sinks, emptying all trash cans and running a rag over hard surfaces.

Focus Areas: Make sure to scour surfaces that potential buyers are likely to come in contact with, like stair banisters and handrails.


Point #2:  The Nose Knows

In addition to being visually pleasing, a home that smells good will be doubly enticing to potential buyers. Be sure to diffuse cooking odors, pet smells and musty scents by airing out the house with open windows or air purifiers before a showing. Some buyers go the extra mile and opt to up the scent factor by baking bread or brewing coffee to fill the house with warm, inviting smells.

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Focus Areas: Although you may not smell them, pet food, toys, litter boxes and blankets are rarely odorless. It is a good idea to remove them during showings.


Point #3: Turn your Home into a House

Real Estate pro’s have long argued that the most important step leading to a successful listing is for sellers to make an emotionally detachment from their home. For many families this can be a more difficult process than anticipated. Home staging experts say that removing family photographs, religious items and anything that makes your home personalized to your family will help potential buyers see themselves in this home.

Focus Areas: Make sure to remove items from entryway tables, mantels and refrigerator doors. Although you treasure your holiday cards, kids’ art, photographs and sports paraphernalia, these are things that might keep buyers from seeing themselves living in this home.


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Point #4:  Focus on the Flow of Your House

Because we spend so much time with our possessions, we have a natural tendency to overlook what our possessions look like to others. For many of us, things like hooks, storage units and shelves are functional, but they can also become overloaded with personal effects that break up the flow of the home. Walk through your rooms and look for places where you can improve flow.

Focus Areas: Pay attention to the scale of your furniture in each room. A room with very little furnishings might scare off buyers that they won’t know how to use the space.


Point #5:  Employ the Goldilocks Principle

During a showing it is important to find the right temperature, level of lighting and background noise. Room temperatures should be mild and window coverings should be open, with lights turned on.

Focus Areas: If you live in an area with ambient noise, from birds or water features, use what you have. If not, you can create this effect using quiet, soothing music in the background.

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