While these social affairs offer an excellent opportunity to expand your personal and professional networks, they can also set the stage for career suicide if you do not handle these situations appropriately. Unfortunately, if you choose to have a few drinks while attending these parties, you are even more likely to say or do something that you will regret. To that end, it is a good idea to review the things that you should avoid doing and saying while attending holiday parties.


Bragging about your successes can make you appear like a blowhard while also giving away more information than you really want to share with other partygoers. While you may be tempted to share all of your latest successes with other partygoers, these social events are meant to serve as a time for you to get to know other individuals or a more personal level.

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On the flip side of the coin, oversharing certain information will provide partygoers with the opportunity to learn more about your personal situation than you might like. For example, if you mention that you lost $80,000 on your stock market portfolio today and other partygoers know that the market was down 2 percent, they can easily calculate that you have a $4 million portfolio.

Asking for Free Professional Services

When rubbing elbows with other professionals, you may feel tempted to ask for advice related to their field. For example, if you have been experiencing pain in your left shoulder, you may want to ask a doctor who is attending the party to provide you with some insight into what you should do about your condition. Putting someone in the position to answer such questions is not only awkward at a social engagement is not only awkward, but it is also unfair because you are essentially asking the person to provide you with professional advice for free.

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Talking Down About Others

As you attempt to establish your dominance, you may find yourself inadvertently asserting your power over others. Introducing someone as someone who simply works for you, for example, does not empower that person and makes you look as though you are looking down on others. Instead, refer to others as your colleagues, peers or someone who you work together with at your company. This will help make everyone involved with the situation more comfortable.

Making it Sound Like You Aren’t Working Hard

Even if you do essentially put everything at work on autopilot during the holiday season, there is no reason to share this information with other partygoers. Otherwise, the word could easily spread to important clients or other individuals who may become concerned that you are not giving their projects the attention they deserve.

These are just a few of the guidelines to keep in mind as you enjoy the various parties taking place this holiday season. Others no-no’s include drinking too much, hitting on people, wearing revealing clothing and overeating. If you are interested in exploring real estate opportunities in Southern California’s most exclusive neighborhoods where the area’s greatest holiday parties take place each year, contact our team of professional real estate experts. We specialize in luxury real estate opportunities in Southern California.

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