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When considering the purchase of a property there’s the old adage: location, location, location. However, in a region such as Southern California where almost any location comes with the breathtaking perks of living in an area populated by stunning mountains, hills and ocean vistas, what other features should luxury buyers be looking for?

Here are a few things besides location that high-end buyers would be wise to spend more energy, money and time on.

Architectural Uniqueness

While modes of style may come and go over the course of many years, one thing that never goes out of style or loses its value is good architecture. For those who don’t have an eye for architecture, it would be wise to research architects who have built homes in the area. This helps to give the luxury buyer an idea of who in the area has a good track record for building homes that are beautiful, yet practically designed.

Seeing how homes age will also help the buyer to envision how a potential home will look a few years down the line. Something more to look for in a home are “good bones.” These are aspects such as a solid foundation, unusual details, high-grade materials and an artistic component that help to make the home unique and worthy of a luxury buyer.

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Unobstructed Views and Light

When paying for those outstanding views of the Pacific coast or the rolling California hills, a luxury buyer should also be assured that those views will be accessible for many years to come. Views of the outdoors and natural light are known to boost mood, as well as the resale value of a home. Factors such as new construction can spoil this for the luxury home owner. As a buyer it is important to understand the zoning allowances cf neighboring buildings.

Ceiling Height

The higher the ceiling, the more opportunity to allow the previously mentioned light in. Homes with up to 14-foot ceilings are known to receive maximum marginal returns when time comes to resell. This means looking for homes with maximum cubic footage as opposed to square footage.

Practical Layout

Luxury buyers need plenty of room to live and enjoy life. Every buyer, no matter how wealthy, should always take into account the actual living arrangements of a home and the effects they may have on their lives. For example, if a luxury buyer has a lot of friends and hosts plenty of social gatherings, a home with long hallways, multiple stairwells, awkward columns or other space wasters may not be particularly ideal. Even the most luxurious home can have its drawbacks if it doesn’t fit the home owner’s personality.

We are a team of luxury real estate agents that wants each and every one of our clients to get the very best out of their new home. If you need help finding a luxury property in Southern California, look no further, we’d love to provide our assistance.

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    Lot size: 4,224 sqft
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    Lot size: 6,271 sqft

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