Luxury Home Buyer Neighborhoods

When luxury home owners are looking for homes in any of Southern California’s great communities, the exquisite interiors of these properties can typically be an important factor in a sale. Another┬ásignificant factor is the neighborhood in which the home resides.

In the varied communities of Los Angeles and San Diego, home owners have quite a range of neighborhoods to choose from, each with varied amenities and factors that make them truly luxurious places to live. Here are a just a few neighborhood factors that weigh heavy on the mind of the luxury home buyer when considering purchasing a home.

Lifestyle Match

A really great neighborhood that can optimize the way you live your life is one that is already in line with your particular lifestyle. If you are young and single, you may want to live closer to an urbanized center where many other young people are out and about. If you have a family, you may want to consider a more suburban setting where you can get out and about with the kids. As great as some of the neighborhoods are in Los Angeles and San Diego, the lifestyle of those who already live there may clash with your own, making it an important factor to consider.

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Pride in Ownership

A lot of money can buy a big, beautiful house, but it takes pride and love to keep it maintained and looking just as lovely many years down the line. A great neighborhood can often be spotted by how other home owners care for their homes. The type of people that take pride in their home will also take pride in their neighborhood making them more likely to reach out and connect with neighbors. Some neighborhoods create groups and events aimed at uniting local residents for the betterment of the area.

Access to Outdoor Activities

One of the truly great things about living in Southern California is the near-perfect weather year-round. Luxury home owners love to get out and take advantage of this as much as possible meaning that the more outdoor amenities that are easily accessible from their neighborhood the better. Hiking and biking trails, beachfront access, harbors with sailing access, golf courses and tennis courses are just a few of the outdoor amenities that luxury home buyers love to frequent. Luckily, these are pretty common throughout Southern California.

Access to Indoor Activities

The dining, shopping and nightlife in and around Los Angeles and San Diego is almost incomparable to anywhere else. Home owners want ready access to that as well. Add in a walkability factor that enables home owners to easily stroll to a restaurant for a meal or out to the theater to catch the latest blockbuster and that neighborhood is a winner.

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