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The drought taking place in California is causing everyone to cut back on their water consumption, and while it can be a challenge for residents, the real challenge lies in the food industry. Farmers throughout the state are facing regulations against water usage, which could be detrimental to this year’s crops. Farmers in the Central Valley are protesting proposed regulations that would force them and the rest of the district to cut water usage by 35 percent or face fines.

Because of the classification of the district, which is primarily urban and residential, it is in line for more cuts. Farmers get about 79 percent of the allocated water, it isn’t enough for all the farms in the area. There are about 1,200 growers in Valley Center in the San Diego area. With the new mandatory water cut of 25 percent put in place by Governor Jerry Brown, farmers are really feeling the pinch.

Gary Arant, general manager of the Valley Center Municipal Water District urged the state water board to”take into consideration the longer view of a water agency’s conservation efforts and results prior to imposing a devastating level of mandatory 35 percent,” in a note.

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Water Cutbacks Effect More Than Just Water

Every piece of food you add to your plate required water in some form or another for it to be produced. While cutting meat out of a diet can greatly decrease the amount of water one consumes, everything from produce to starches require water. According to the Water Footprint Network, a Dutch nonprofit, one ounceĀ of steak requires more than 106 gallons of water to be produced, that’s about 10 times as much water that what is required to produce chicken.

A report by Arjen Y Hoekstra says, “Water managers do not see the difference between water use for growing food or feed. The crops are often the same and the essential question for water managers is how to make sure there is sufficient water for crops; they do not address the question why crops are grown. However, the increasing scarcity of freshwater resources cannot be properly addressed without a careful examination of the large and still growing water needs for meat and dairy.”

Reduce Your Water Consumption

There are plenty of ways to reduce the amount of water you use on a daily basis, and a lot of those ways may be the first things that come to mind. When you wash fresh fruits and vegetables, wash them in a pot instead of using the faucet. Then you can use the leftovers to water any plants in or outside.

When washing dishes, be sure to not use too much soap so as to eliminate the need for as much water. Also, clean any dishes throughly with a dirty fork or spoon instead of using water to get remaining food bits out before really scrubbing it clean.

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