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Billonaire.com has named the “Top 10 Most Exclusive Streets” in the world. Based on the calculated price of an average price per square meter of property, the list only includes those streets that have experienced a transaction within the last 18 months. Under these revised guidelines from previous installments, the following are the most expensive streets in the world.

Peak Road, The Peak, Hong Kong

Located at the top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, Peak Road claims the largest real estate deal in Hong Kong’s history with 75 Peak Road selling for HK$5.1 billion in February. Pollock’s Path on the Peak was previously listed as the most expensive street in the world, but has not experienced any recent sales. Average Price: $114,000 per square meter

Upper Fifth Avenue, New York

Associated with New York’s aristocratic and social elite, Upper Fifth Avenue is known today as “Millionaire’s Row.” Three recent resale transactions on the road have sold for more than US$70 million. Average Price: $108,000 per square meter

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Knightsbridge, London

Knightsbridge gets much of its weight from the One Hyde Park development located on the street. In April 2014, a 1,500 square meter penthouse sold for £140. Several other apartments within the development have sold for £60 million or more. Average Price: $103,000 per square meter

Avenue Princesse Grace, Monaco

Winding around the harbor-front of Monte Carlo, Avenue Princesse Grace saw a three-bedroom, 200 square meter apartment sell for €16 million last year. Average Price: $100,000 per square meter

Chemin du Semaphore, Cap Ferrat, France

Once the stomping grounds of Belgian royalty, Chemin du Semaphore is known for its magnificent villas owned by tycoons and other billionaires. Last August, a 650 square meter home on the street sold for €37 million. Average Price: $67,000 per square meter

Wolseley Road, Point Piper, Australia

Many of Sydney’s biggest real estate transactions came from Wolseley Road last year, including one that sold for A$30 million and another that sold for A$38 million. The former house of recruitment tycoon Julia Ross sold October for A$37 million, while the home of accused murderer Ron Medich sold for A$37 million. Average Price: $44,000 per square meter

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Quai d’Orleans, Paris, France

Offering some of the most beautiful views in Paris, Quai d’Orleans was once the home of Brigitte Bardot and Roger Vadim. With only 20 buildings located on the street, each home offers views directly on the cathedral of Notre Dame. Average Price: $41,000 per square meter

Avenue des Palmiers, Les Parcs de Saint-Tropez, France

With homes overlooking the sea, Avenue des Palmiers has homes selling for as much as €70,000 per square meter. Just six months ago, an 800 square meter property on the road sold for €42 million. Average Price: $39,000 per square meter

Molochnyy Pereulok, Moscow

Consisting primarily of homes constructed in the 2000’s, Molochnyy Pereulok is referred to as Moscow’s “Golden Mile.” Recently, a 238 square meter home on the street sold for US$9.5 million. Average Price: $30,500 per square meter

Ardmore Park, Singapore

Just this past April, a new price record was set in Singapore when a penthouse on Ardmore Park sold for S$51 million at a cost of S$40,000 per square foot. Average Price: $24,000 per square meter

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