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Just because Southern California is lush with palm trees and sandy shores doesn’t mean that it’s all vacation and relaxation for home owners here. While many locals tend to travel for work related reasons, travel exclusively for relaxation and luxury is a must. In fact, Surveys from the Global Coalition on Aging found that just after a one to two day vacation 89 percent of people are able to leave work stressors behind.

Even better, active travel helps to reduce health risks such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and more. Spending vacation time cycling, hiking, snorkeling or surfing leads to improved well-being as doctors report whenever you’re placed in a new environment your senses and powers of observation are heightened and focus improved. But travel is even effective for people who aren’t the most active, still offering the opportunity to discover new ways of life, customs, traditions and more.

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Additionally, travel makes it easier to clear your mind and keep from a burn-out in the long run.

Go on a high-end surf trip

Surfers like to be one with nature and the water, which was why it was custom for people who went on surf trips to stay in a cold-water shack on the beach, void of any electricity or modern amenities. While it’s still fun to unplug and be in the midst of nature, giving up everything of convenience can be rough. Now a few operators throughout the world are offering high-end locales for surfers, the pioneer being TropicSurf. Master surf instructor Ross Phillips started the company 25 years ago and began running it out of luxury resorts that offered both surfing and non-surfing activities.

Phillips and other instructors are offering classes not only for well-experienced surfers, but also raw beginners and even children. Lessons are either half-day excursions or multi-day intensives depending on the level and desire to surf.

Search Luxury Homes in SoCal Now

A newer resort making waves in this same style is Nihiwatu in Indonesia, which offers everything from world-class sport fishing to yoga to tours of historic villages. Located on the stunning Sumba Island, the resort sits on a private lot of 2.5 kilometer shorelines with unbelievable amenities. The resort itself sprawls across 560 acres of natural land with 21 villas, each of which are crafted with natural materials and feature a large living space and stunning views.

The guest facilities include a boathouse, the Ombak restaurant, Nio Beach Club, Menara Bale, the beach spa and private dining pavilions. And in addition to surfing, travelers can snorkel, free dive, paddle board, kayak and more. The resort also offers yoga lead by a resident instructor, which is offered through both private and group practices.

Being in Southern California allows you the opportunity to experience some of the world’s best kept treasures. If you’re interested in learning about luxury homes in Corona Del Mar, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team of expert real estate agents are here to assist you in your search.

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