Top US destinations for Californians

One of the truly great things about living in a luxury home in Southern California is the near-constant access to some of the world’s finest dining destinations. Whether near Los Angeles or San Diego, the region is home to a number of beloved and innovative eateries, and when home owners grow tired of the local, they have the opportunity to jump on a plane at LAX or San Diego International and fly to a destination where they can sample exquisite local delights.

While there are always the standard foodie destinations, such as Paris and even New York, the up-and-coming nature of food trends and eccentric genius chefs is transforming other, lesser-known locales into heaven on earth for food lovers. Here are a few destinations expected to make major waves for luxury travelers this year.

Durham, North Carolina

Not long ago, visitors to Durham would walk down the streets smelling the sickly sweet stench of roasting tobacco, but now that smell has been replaced with savory goodness. Since the decline of the tobacco industry over the last two decades, the city is switching its focus to food. In the laid-back atmosphere of this southern city, food trucks have taken off in a big way. Purveyors of gourmet sausages and other local delicacies have taken to trucks emblazoned with irreverent names such as “Sausage Wagon,” to sell their food to a very eager public. Restaurants such as Toast, Piedmont and Mateo are also making big waves downtown, making Durham an exciting place to watch.

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Traverse City, Michigan

Tucked away in a bay along Michigan’s northwest coast, Traverse City has long been touted as a great place to vacation and even live. Now the community is getting even more attention for its food scene. The region is one of the top producers for cherries, apples, peaches, pasture-raised chicken, grass-fed beef and specialty cheeses, giving local entrepreneurs plenty of delectable resources to create unique and delicious food. As a result a number of breweries, wineries and restaurants have opened and are specializing in local, sustainable fare.

Cleveland, Ohio

To a seasoned Los Angeleno, this rust belt city on Lake Erie might seem like small potatoes. However, master chefs have been making mass exodus out of New York, with a few important ones landing in Cleveland. One of those chefs is Jonathon Sawyer, who ran a number of high end kitchens in New York. Sawyer has opened no less than eight restaurants in Cleveland since moving back to his home town seven years ago, and his emphasis on local ingredients, such as grass-fed beef and local lake fish, has resonated with foodies. Other establishments such as the Mediterranean-themed Lolita and an Indian-inspired restaurant called Fire, Food and Drink have also embraced the local trend with ethnic twists.

Southern California is a great launching pad to see the world. If you are interested in Southern California luxury real estate, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call today.

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