La Jolla California Holiday Entertaining

Whether you’ve been tapped to host Christmas dinner or a New Year’s Eve bash, this is a prime time of the year to invite your favorite friends and family over to show off your beautiful home and entertaining skills. If you’re looking to take your hosting duties to the next level and make it look as effortless as possible, here are a few tips for flawless entertaining through the holidays.

Keep your home’s space in mind

The holidays are a great time to get everyone together, however sometimes it can be tricky fitting all of your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors or whoever else may make your guest list in your home comfortably. One way to determine just how many people you should be inviting to your holiday party is to take the square footage of your home and divide by five, which is the approximate number of feet each guest needs in personal space. Of course, this isn’t a hard rule but rather just a starting place for your party planning. Above all you should make sure each guest invited is comfortable and welcome in your home.

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Think beyond the dinner table

If formality isn’t a big deal in your family it may be wise to ditch the formal, sit-down dinner for a more relaxed vibe that opens up your exquisite home to guests. Instead of slaving away all day over a complicated seven-course meal consider serving an arrangement of heavy hors d’oeuvres and perhaps a signature cocktail. This will ensure that your guests are all well fed and imbibed while giving them a chance to move around the home freely and mingle. An informal arrangement will also allow you as the host to stay out of the kitchen and not have to worry about the next course’s service.

Keep centerpieces simple and out of the way

If you do decide to serve a formal dinner in the dining room, make sure to not commit the ultimate faux pas in table arrangements. Centerpieces and candles that adorn your table should never be so large that they obstruct your guests’ view across the table. It may sound like a very basic rule to stick to, however many home owners will find themselves falling for a gorgeous display for the table they just have to have. If you come across a large centerpiece that you can’t do without, save your guests the neck strain and buy it for a hutch or somewhere else in your home where it can be admired without getting in the way.

Create a kid-friendly zone

The holidays are no time to leave the little ones at home, so make sure you accommodate them as much as your adult guests. Aside from a kids table, which you can cover with butcher paper and crayons, consider creating a kid-friendly zone with movies, games, toys or even crafts. Your young guests and their parents will appreciate the special attention and thought put into making each and every one of your guests welcome in your home.

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