Southern California Home Gardens Fall

While many Southern California home owners look to the spring as prime planting season, many gardening experts in and around Los Angeles agree that planting in the fall is actually a more ideal time, especially given the drought conditions the West Coast has been experiencing. It can be difficult to find plants that are able to withstand such dry conditions, and with the diminishing likelihood of the El Niño storms making landfall this winter, some ingenuity is going to be required over the next couple planting seasons to make greenery last.

Here are a few tips for water-wise fall plants to invest in and some techniques that will help them flourish throughout winter and be ready for full bloom by next summer.

Edibles Thrive In Fall

Fall is a great time to plant vegetable and herb plants because the cooler temperatures will help to keep the plants from getting too stressed from intense heat and limited water availability. Some great vegetables that will thrive in the cooler weather include beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chard, onions, peas and spinach.

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Herbs will love the cooler weather and even with water restrictions, there are many tasty varieties that will be hearty enough to survive. Spice up your herb garden with borage, chives, cilantro, dill, garlic, lavender, oregano, sage, lemon verbena and thyme. If you plant soon, you should be able to have plenty of great fall herbs in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

Replace Lawns With Native Grasses

While many Southern California home owners are bemoaning the loss of their beautiful green lawns at the hands of the evil drought, some are taking charge of the situation by taking lawns out altogether. If this is a viable option for your home, consider replacing your lawn with varieties of grass that are naturally capable of withstanding these harsh California conditions.

One native grass that is a great replacement to your thirsty lawn is Carex pansa, also known as Dune Sedge. This is a versatile native grass can withstand full sun exposure, 50 percent shade and 50-80 percent less water than typical grass. Dune Sedge also emulates traditional turf as its blades are a rich, healthy green and very glossy at its peak health.

Add Pops Of Color With Fall Blooms

Around this time of year the color palette of Southern California can involve a lot of browns, not the most inviting color. There are two great native plants that can add a burst of color to your home’s landscape that can thrive in cooler weather: monkey flower and butterweed. These are two great plants that are lured out of their summer dormancy to bloom in cooler fall weather and feature brilliantly colored flowers among deep green foliage.

Any time of year is a great time to live in Southern California, but fall is truly one of its most beautiful seasons. If you are interested in luxury homes in Santa Monica, please contact us today.

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