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In a move reminiscent of the TV show The Jetsons, high-end developers are now working to incorporate the latest trend into luxury homes: ultra-high-end technology. Sure, many homes are now equipped with features that can be controlled remotely from a tablet or smartphone, but this shift is taking technology in the home to an entirely different level. Amenities such as an “intelligent mirror,” which is a device that allows users to try on virtual outfits, and biometric security systems are becoming hot commodities in the richest and most fabulous homes across the country.

With the proliferation of smart phones and various forms of on-the-go tech devices, this shift in homes has come naturally in stride for generations that have changed the ways that business is dealt and life is lived through technology.

“The ultrahigh-net-worth people didn’t embrace smartphones as quickly as the younger generation did. But now they’re very comfortable with those devices and they want to be able to turn on the spa when they are landing their private plane,” Eric Thies, founding partner of VIA, a national home-technology installation company, told the Wall Street Journal.

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Companies like LG Electronics and Kohler are working to meet the changing needs of clients to seamlessly incorporate technology into their lives without making too much of an imposition. LG’s latest high-end appliances are equipped with “Smart ThinQ,” a system that enables refrigerators, ovens and washing machines to communicate with a smart phone. Developers claim that the idea behind this is to have the ability to text your fridge to ask if you need to stop for milk on your way home.

Other brands like Kohler have created a VibrAcoustic bathtub, which syncs with a smartphone in order to play music while alternating vibrations and colored lights in conjunction with the beat.

Technology is Innovating Los Angeles’ Finest Homes

Many architects working in and around Los Angeles are using technology to completely redefine how they are building homes for their high-end clients. Los Angeles-based Proto Homes is just one company that has taken off in the design of technologically advanced homes. Proto Homes designs and builds homes that can control wiring, plumbing, heating and cooling from an advanced technology platform.

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Los Angeles home owners Ksenia and Scot Erwin purchased a Proto Home just a year and a half ago for $2.1 million. The home was fully built around a technology platform and is automated to adapt to the needs of the couple and their two young boys. What’s most important about the home is that it will also be easily adaptable to technology updates and lifestyle changes. Wiring and plumbing are integrated into walls and wood-panels that have been engineered to be altered with changing modes of style.

“It’s about rethingking the house from the beginning,” said Frank Vafaee, founder and CEO of Proto Homes, to the Wall Street Journal. “It used to be that a house was meant to be permanent and wouldn’t change. We think flexibility is the key component in a modern society.”

Los Angeles is a hub of some of the greatest home technology innovations. If you are looking for a home in this inventive community, please contact our team of luxury property experts.

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