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What lover of a luxuriant life doesn’t like to enjoy a glass of wine now and then? Especially after a long day of work, everyone can benefit from some kind of vice. The one problem with that vice is that there are always consequences to be paid. With wine, those consequences are often felt the next morning, sometimes rather painfully.

In an effort to keep wine aficionados from falling prey to the life-mangling effects of dehydration due to alcohol consumption, Jayla Siciliano has devised a wine spritzer infused with electrolytes. With the establishment of her company Bon Affair, Siciliano is hoping that her customers will be able to have their wine… and drink it too.

Siciliano got the attention of investors through her appearance on the popular ABC pitch show “Shark Tank,” where she marketed her product to the show’s celebrity investors by describing her product as an elixir that provides the ability to socialize longer and still feel great the next day.

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Siciliano’s efforts on the show brought in investments from Mark Cuban and former Wendy’s CEO Kerrii Anderson, which gave her enough capital to keep her dream alive.

Before pitching her product on “Shark Tank,” Siciliano had plenty of practice in speaking with high-end investors. In 2012, she raised $500,000 in order to start production and later raised $200,000 more in a move that helped to bring her product into about a dozen Whole Foods Markets in Los Angeles and San Diego, along with a few Albertsons and some smaller stores.

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Research has shown that low amounts of alcohol can actually provide many health benefits and as more companies are incorporating alcohol into socialization and networking functions, Siciliano is tapping into a market that has nothing to do but grow and innovate.

She came up with the idea several years ago when she was a manager for Diesel clothing company and later Burton Snowboards in Burlington, Vermont.

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“I’ve always been really into health and fitness, but at the same time I love having fun and love to drink wine,” Siciliano said to U-T San Diego. “I just reached a certain age where I couldn’t still go out drinking and wake up and go do yoga at 6.30 a.m.”

At this realization, Siciliano began diluting her wine with soda water. After realizing that many of her co-workers were following suit, Siciliano decided to acknowledge this gap in the alcohol industry. In 2009, she quit her job in order to pursue the business.

As she delved deeper into the process, Siciliano realized that this was an opportunity for her to equip consumers with a better option for operating socially in the business world, which became a strong impetus for Kerrii Anderson’s backing on the show.

“I was just really drawn to the ability to participate responsibly, having some alternative that is less alcoholic and less caloric,” Anderson said. “Given our focus on eating healthier and better, it was so on trend for me, and I related to it personally.”

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