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As appealing as the life of a luxury home owner in Los Angeles can be, sometimes it can be nice to get a away from the sunny SoCal life and venture out into the world for a little rest, relaxation and recharge. One company that is pulling out all the stops to create a new spin on luxury vacations is American Railway Explorer. This company has taken train touring to another level by featuring the finest luxury cars that can be chartered to destinations throughout the country, making stops along the way to ensure an unforgettable luxury experience.

Operating out of the historic Union Station in downtown Los Angeles, the American Railway Explorer experience is distinguished in each and every detail of the excursion. High-end travelers can privately charter a train consisting of three exquisite railcars designed in the fashion of the Venice Simplon-Orient Express by the famous, London-based train architect James Park.

While the prospect of an 11-day train ride out of sunny Los Angeles may seem daunting, one step aboard these elegant cars will transform the traveler into a new dimension of opulence and intrigue. The cars’ designs are a study in luxury and comfort with walls adorned with delicate marquetry, custom-made brass lamps and rosette ceiling sconces crafted in England. In 2012, the railcars were renovated to feature new, state-of-the-art mechanical features, updated kitchens and sound systems and fresh new fabrics for the windows, upholstery and bedding.

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Luxury Destinations Out of Los Angeles

The railcars of American Railway Explorer are linked to regularly scheduled Amtrak trains and are thus able to travel anywhere that Amtrak does. High-end clients are free to plan their own itinerary to virtually anywhere in the continental United States. The most popular charters featured by the company are day trips from one alluring California city to another. The most popular destinations for these trips are currently San Diego and Santa Barbara.

For riders who want to spend a little more time aboard the American Railway’s beautiful train, there is essentially no limit to the destinations or amount of time spent traveling. Trips can be made up the glorious Pacific coastline to Seattle or Northwest to the Colorado Rockies. Stops can be made anywhere per the desires of the rider be it at the natural majesty of Niagara Falls or in New Orleans for a Mardi Gras party. As long as a specific itinerary is approved with Amtrak 30 days prior to disembarkation, the luxury rider is free to determine their own course of travel.

Riding in high style is completely redefined with American Railway Explorer. Friendly, attentive staff are at the beck and call of riders for the duration of the trip as are the magnificent views that the ever-changing landscape of America.

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