Montecito California Holiday Neutral

Unlike most other areas of the United States, the beautiful climate of Southern California doesn’t change much so as to ring in the holiday season with falling snowflakes and jolly snowmen. As a result, many home owners in Montecito and throughout the region sometimes overcompensate by going all out with holiday decorations.

As fun as this notion can be, if you’re looking to put your home on the market through the winter months or want to keep your holiday decor appealing to guests of all affiliations and denominations, it is often best to keep your decor seasonal yet neutral for the holidays. Here are a few tips for keeping your home’s style decidedly high end while also embracing a few holiday trends to get you in a festive spirit.

Non-traditional wreaths

Wreaths are a holiday season staple and are traditionally made with evergreen boughs with a sprinkle of red holly throughout. Shake up your home’s wreath arrangements with fresh California flair by making a homemade wreath using citrus fruits as adornments.

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Start with a circular piece of florist’s foam and wooden florist picks. Then secure┬álarger pieces of fruit such as oranges around the foam. Continue with smaller fruits such as kumquats, clementines and limes. Fasten the wreath with a thick velvet ribbon for a rich and luxurious look.

Stunning centerpieces

For a truly unique centerpiece that is a cinch to style and neutral enough to be left out throughout the season, place vintage holiday ornaments on a cake stand. In between the ornaments and on top of the stand, nestle some natural elements such as changing leaves you may have picked up on a recent road trip to view the beauty of Southern California. The rustic, natural feel of the leaves will help to┬áneutralize the ornaments and won’t overtly scream “Happy Holidays!”

Elegant drapings

Trimming your fireplace mantle is always an elegant way to incorporate the holiday spirit into your home’s decor. For a luxurious look that still remains subdued and classic, trim your mantle with a simple strip of plain, green garland. Adorn the rest of the mantle with small votive and white amarylises. The amarylises will add height and drama to the mantle, but again won’t overwhelm with its crisp, white Southern California aesthetic. Next winter you can report the amarylis bulbs for another year of beautiful blooms.

Sweet accents

The holidays tend to have a few distinct flavors that we can all recognize even on sight of a particular item. Incorporate classic sweet treats into accent pieces in your home for a subtle yet fun holiday flair. Gather up a glass compote, you can use a single large one or a grouping of several smaller sizes. Mix any leftover oranges or clementines you may have from your wreath in the container, sprinkling peppermint balls throughout. If you’re hosting a gathering, at the end of the night you can portion this mixture out for younger guests to take as party favors.

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