This list outlines some of the coolest gadgets to boost your modern home to the cutting-edge of high-tech home amenities.


The Fruity Water Gate

This gate of water referred to as the “Water Shade” keeps a shield of water around fruit as a form of ultimate protection. It serves as a dish and a cover to keep freshness in and everything else out. The project was designed and is being developed by Yitu Wang.


The Pattern Door Lock 

With an eye to home security, this new gadget helps keep your loved ones safe. It has never been easier for your electronic codes to fall into the wrong hands.

The Pattern Door Lock has been designed so that someone standing beside or behind you cannot see your code combination. Using Braille integrated locking technology you can choose from one of 65,280 possible pin combinations.

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The Drum Washing Machine 

With the potential to revolutionize shared laundry facilities, designer Andras Suto created a communal laundry system that allows people to share washing facilities but keep their laundry completely separated from their neighbors. This extractable washing machine uses a drum that doubles up as a laundry basket. You place the drum into the washing machine to wash your clothes and remove it when you’re done. You can use the drum to both wash AND transport your laundry to and from the washing area.


The Pavati Tap 

 The Pavati Water Tap is a simple and beautiful design that allows you to watch the warm and cool water as it cascades together to provide your desired water temperature. The Y-shaped waterfall effect combines your two water temperatures into a single waterfall.

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Transparent TV

Hoping to take home design to a new level, the transparent television was designed by Michael Friebe of Loewe AG. This technology marvel combines conventional LCD and cutting-edge TOLED display technology. This pairing has led to a non-transparent / solid moving pictures with robust color display and full contrast range from solid black to pristine white.


Floor Plan Light Switch 

We have all had the moment where our mind draws a blank on which light switch lights up which room. Taewon Hwang has created a stylish solution to this common problem. His master light switch offers a simple design that shows homeowners what lights they are turning on or off according to your homes unique floor plan.


Senzo Nightlight

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Soledad Clavell and Marcos Madia have created a solution for any family who struggles with subtly lighting their halls or rooms during the night. This lighting system is a series of panels that can be placed anywhere in the home and lights up simply by being touched. A must have for families!


Electrolux Fireplace 

This fireplace, created by Camillo Vanacore for Electrolux, takes on an almost magical appearance when lit. It has the ability to change from an opaque ceramic column to a transparent one with dancing flames.


LED Ceiling 

This innovative ceiling was created by Seo Dong-Hun to allow a homeowner to create an endless series of light shapes or patterns on their ceiling. Using a pen-like device you can paint your ceiling with patterns of light that make your ceiling as unique as you are.


iChef+ Oven

The iChef Oven is the first in the world to change the notion of how you cook. While many ovens have offered subtle adaptations to traditional cooking, this oven changes the way you cook. Using powerful computer technology the home cook can now use technology to plan, stage and cook a meal.


Source:  Design Your Way: 30 Cool High Tech Gadgets To Give Your Home A Futuristic Look


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