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In 1949, Tex Avery directed a satirical animated theatrical short called “The House of Tomorrow,” which featured variations of home technology and its place in every day life. Avery’s home could talk with its inhabitants and control the ecosystem within the home, even creating a rainstorm in one room. With its tongue-in-cheek manner of depiction aside, recent advancements in technology have suddenly turned the home of tomorrow into the home of today.

Smart homes are generating a great deal of buzz, especially in the Southern California real estate market. Innovations such as wireless internet and the proliferation of smartphones are making home technology more sophisticated, as well as available.

“This used to be something out of ‘The Jetsons’ or limited to the super-rich,” Jonathan Dorsheimer, an analyst at Canaccord Genuity, said to the LA Times. “It’s becoming more mainstream.”

According to analysts, only a small percentage of homeowners actually have smart homes, but with technology companies like LG, AT&T and Verizon clamoring to market smart systems, the landscape for technology in the home is definitely changing.

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Technology Changing How Los Angeles Homes are Marketed

According to Forbes Magazine, as technology is changing, the economic landscape of real estate stands to change right along with it. Data is becoming an ever important commodity with the proliferation of websites that can provide endless amounts of data and scores for various aspects of living in certain parts of communities.

With the wide variety of smart home products that are just now beginning to flood the market, that data stands to get a lot more specific and sophisticated very soon.

Google recently acquired the Nest smart thermostat, which is a device that reads where someone is in their house and remembers the information provided just from home owners natural movements within the home. Nest can gather data about where certain rooms are in the house, how energy efficient the home is and exactly how the home is utilized in terms of the efficiency of its layout.

As wild, and perhaps intrusive seeming, as this information is, it can be invaluable to real estate agents and home buyers, as it provides a more detailed idea of what life is really like in a home.

Russell Chang and his wife recently related their own experience in purchasing a home with smart technology to the LA Times. In November, Chang bought a home in Irvine for just over $1 million that was equipped with solar panels and several home automation systems. Although Chang claims that these options didn’t totally drive the purchase, he knew that the information provided by the home’s systems helped the couple make a more informed and economically sound decision.

“It really put the icing on the cake,” Chang said to the LA Times. “We know we are going to get cost savings.”

Smart home technology is a great option, especially for those interested in living luxuriously. If you are looking for a home in Los Angeles, please don’t hesitate to give our team of luxury property experts a call today.

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