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In 2015 when San Diego luxury home owners are shouting “Bottoms up!” chances are they won’t be hoisting a frosty cold one or even a mixed cocktail, but rather a vessel of freshly-blended, virgin juice. The health benefits of drinking blended smoothies packed with nutritious superfoods like nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables has resonated strongly in the San Diego community and the trend has helped to transform many storefronts throughout Southern California into juice and smoothie vendors.

Not so sure about the craze that’s taking San Diego by storm? Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about juicing as answered by some of the community’s most important juice vendors:

What is juicing?

Juicing is a healthy way of ingesting high quantities of fruit and vegetable nutrients by extracting juice from raw plant tissues into mixed juices and smoothies. It is an excellent and easy way to consume the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables, which has been proven to be helpful in aiding maintaining a healthy weight. In addition to the nutrients from the blended and juiced plants, additional nutrition can be obtained by mixing in nuts and seeds such as chia, which is a seed that is high in essential fatty acids.

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What are the benefits to juicing?

According to San Diego juice purveyor Juice Crafters, drinking juice made with raw, 100 percent natural ingredients poses many benefits to your health and well-being. Fruits and vegetables that are rich with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes help to maintain your health and weight, giving you more energy and a more properly functioning body in the process. Drinking fresh juice has also been found to reduce inflammation within the body, enabling it to fight off illness with a renewed vigor.

Are there drawbacks to juicing?

When San Diego magazine polled converted juicers at some of the local juice establishments, one of the downsides to the practice cited by respondents was the cost. When placed into context however, this concern seems somewhat abated. A craft beer that costs $12 in San Diego doesn’t have nearly as many health benefits as an $8 raw juice. It’s simply comes down to where you want to spend your money. Other juicers also reported a tendency to have an upset stomach when first committing to a juice fast, however that seems to subside once the body becomes used to it.

With the realization that the USDA’s food pyramid is becoming less relevant with further advancements in health and nutrition, it seems that any way to intake more nutrients ultimately has numerous benefits for the body.

Where can I get juice blends?

Never one to steer away from a beneficial health trend, the San Diego area is home to a number of establishments that sell made-to-order juice blends that can complement any dietary need. Del Mar home owners might check out Beaming on Tuesday, which specializes in local and organic blends while Juice Crafters is another trusted brand that has locations throughout Southern California.

San Diego is a great community that enables you to be the healthiest person you can be. If you are interested in luxury real estate in San Diego, please give us a call today.

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