San Diego Workout Studios

If you live in San Diego and have resolved to get fit and healthy for the new year, you are in the right place.¬†San Diego home owners are among the most healthy in the entire nation, and it’s no wonder that they are because the community is home to a number of new and innovative workout studios that touch on different goals and methods of building muscle and burning fat.

Check out these new workouts that are getting San Diego home owners fit and excited about breaking a sweat in 2015.

Cardio Line Dancing

Cardio junkies with a passion for cowboy hats and choreographed routines have been venturing out to The Sporting Club for a class that combines country music line dancing with the energy and pep of an aerobics class. Led by former member of the Detroit Dance Collective Justine Green, Cardio Line Dancing is held inside a large, mirror-lined studio that allows for plenty of space for exercisers to grapevine, pivot, toe tap and skip around to the up-beat sounds of country music’s greatest hits. In order to get the heart pumping, Green adds in moves incorporating squats, jumps and long strides. There’s also plenty of thigh slapping and heel tapping for country enthusiasts.

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Rope Yoga

Much like traditional yoga practice, rope yoga involves working deep into strengthening and lengthening the muscles that help to detoxify the body. Through the use of loops of rope attached to a wall, rope yogis are able to get deeper into certain poses, allowing them to hold them longer and keep proper alignment. At Yoga80 in Carlsbad and San Diego, owners Robert Pastor and Reegan Lessie started offering rope yoga classes for all levels after experiencing the immense benefits that come with the practice. Pastor and Lessie want to make sure yoga is accessible to all types of practitioners so classes are available for families and adults with autism as well.

Party On A Bike

Spin has long been a favorite workout routine for San Diego home owners, but the owners of SparkCycle in La Jolla have decided to kick things up just a notch with a workout that evokes a party on a bike. With blasting music, red glowing lights and an energetic instructor dancing all over the room, SparkCycle features 45 minutes of rigorous calorie-scorching spinning that is mostly out of the seat and incorporates dance moves that work the upper body in addition to the coordinated legwork on the cycle.

Pop Physique

What began as the brainchild of a former pro ballerina has developed into a full-body workout that many San Diego home owners are falling in love with. The Pop Physique workout combines elements of barre, yoga, Pilates and ballet set to blasting music for one hour. The class is performed in socks, no shoes, and is said to have immeasurable improvements for flexibility, strength and posture.

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