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Of all the luxuries that come with owning a high-end home in the beautiful communities of Southern California such as Santa Monica, having the space and resources to host one of the year’s most memorable barbecues just might be the best. With summer winding down and fall gearing up, now is the perfect time to take advantage of summer’s last fling and host your own luxe Labor Day bash.

Labor Day is an excellent time to reconnect with family and friends, rehash fun stories from the summer’s adventures and make plans for the upcoming months. Here are a few tips to host a seamless bash to celebrate summer’s last hurrah in your luxury Santa Monica home.

Create a Planter Centerpiece

Make your table’s centerpiece super luxurious as well as super functional by filling a metal planter with ice and beverages. This bright beverage cooler will look like a true centerpiece with a few bud vases filled with fresh-picked wildflowers interspersed with some bottles of wine, water and juice. Guests will love the unique look of the centerpiece, and will also enjoy picking out their beverage of choice without having to get up from their seat at the table.

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Host a Bike Parade for the Little Ones

While your adults will most likely be in a festive mood for having a work day off, it’s important to include kids of all ages in the fun and games. If you live on a quiet street or have a pretty lengthy driveway, consider having a bike parade for all of the little ones. Provide colorful streamers and suppliesĀ to make signs to allow the kids to decorate their bikes for the festivities. You can even provide some bells and whistles for the kids to create their own happy cacophony as they parade around your home.

Protect Your Food With Flower Pots

One of the most difficult parts of hosting an outdoor barbecue can be the small pests that want to munch on your food as much as your guests do. Make a covering for food items that you plan to leave out for a few hours by turning over some flower pots and placing them over your served food. You can make some handles for these coverings by knotting the ends of 1/4-inch cord and threading the looped end through the drain hole in the flower pot.

Create Multiple Levels of Seating

Utilize your space to the fullest extent by setting up seating areas of different heights and styles. If you have a pool, set up some cushions around it so guests can sit and wade their feet in the cool water. Create smaller, more intimate areas of seating with a low table and chairs spruced up with some cushions, pillows and throw blankets.

Hosting a memorable party is just one of the exquisite pleasures of owning a home in Santa Monica. If you are interested in learning more about available real estate in Santa Monica, please feel free to contact our team of property experts.

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