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In the luxurious communities throughout Southern California, good health is a strong undercurrent that runs through area homes and businesses. In an effort that unites the three elements of health, home and business, two Newport Coast home owners have united to create a business that will bring more healthy food into Southern California kitchens. is a company that is dedicated to selling organic, dry, whole Green Mung Beans, and was recently founded by Newport Coast residents Dr. Nita Tewari and Monica Cohen. The two Southern California moms and health enthusiasts recognized an easy and fun method to raise a healthy, beneficial food right in their own kitchens that was vastly underrepresented in the market, and chose to meet that need with their products.

“It’s so easy and fun to sprout your own Green Mung Beans using our five simple steps in just three days. Sprouting on your kitchen countertop is like having a mini garden in your home all year around,” the founders stated in a press release.

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Using the simple, yet elegant stainless steel sprouting kit, Newport Coast home owners can become “urban kitchen farmers” by growing their own Green Mung Beans. The hydroponic method uses no soil, which helps to reduce mess, something that any luxury home owner will appreciate.

After soaking and sprouting their mung beans, Newport Coast home owners can enjoy an ancient Asian superfood that is high in protein and fiber in addition to being low in calories and fat. These healthy treats can be incorporated into salads, wraps, bruschetta and so much more. Tewari and Cohen have cultivated a wide range of recipes incorporating mung beans in a recipe book available on their website.

Newport Coast Real Estate Update

Being one of the most beautiful communities in Southern California, its no wonder that many home buyers are flocking to Newport Coast. According to Altos Research, a California-based real estate analytics company, reports that the median price for homes in the upscale community is on its way up as is the demand for homes.

Altos reports supply and demand levels through a unique value known as the Market Action Index, which uses a neutral value of 30 to indicate if trends are working up in favor of home sellers or down in favor of home buyers. At 30.11, Newport Coast is firmly situated at neutral, meaning home buyers and sellers are on pretty even playing ground.

With a healthy balance between buyers and sellers, the median single-family home value has been working its way up over the last few weeks. Recently this value was clocked at $4,550,380 for this luxury community. It will be interesting to see in the coming weeks if the upward fluctuations in demand have a similarly gaining effect on home prices.

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