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The life of the luxury home buyer in Southern California is one that many would envy. They get the pick of the litter of the finest homes in all of the country with an endless amount of amenities and features available at even the slightest whim. Many developers and home sellers have gone above and beyond in customizing properties to the luxurious specifications of the wealthy buyer, but now are going one step further in not only appealing to home owners but their dogs as well.

Irvine-based home developer Standard Pacific homes is now working on building and selling homes that offer as many amenities to pets as it does to their owners. Many of the newest homes in development by the company now feature pet suites outfitted with all of the necessary appliances for grooming as well as the home buyer’s choice from amenities such as a water station, automated feeders, a large bunk-style bed, cabinets for toys, French doors that allow access to a puppy run and even a flat-screen television set.

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While these features may seem outlandish and unnecessary to some, the amount of luxury and comfort provided by Standard Pacific’s setups are just right for owners who cherish their pets as they do their own children. Standard Pacific came up with the idea of the pet suite following a study the group conducted on the living desires and needs of home owners. The survey found that pets were an overarching theme that could not be ignored by a company looking to innovate living for its clients.

“Devotion to pets is second-to-none,” said Jeffrey Lake, vice president and national director of architecture for Standard Pacific, to Inside Bay Area News. “They are family.”

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While many home buyers in Southern California are still intent on the more traditional luxury elements of the home, many more are now wanting to alter their existing homes or even buy new homes that have features specifically designed for their pets. According to the American Pet Products Association, the pet product and home renovation industry is one that is booming yet still has untapped potential. Approximately 68 percent of Americans own pets and contribute to a product industry that is worth more than $55 billion annually.

On a more local level, pets have become big business in Southern California, with adoptions held almost daily on the city streets. Acccording to Mollie Carmichael of the John Burns Real Estate Consulting Firm in Irvine, about 70 percent of home buyers looking in the Southern California housing market have pets.

This industry is strong enough for Standard Pacific to offer pet spa suites in their newest Brea development for an additional $35,000 tacked on to luxury homes that are starting at $1.3 million. While the company has plenty of packages that are smaller and less expensive options to add to homes, the demand of the luxury home owner for nothing but the best for their pets has led the company to offer only the biggest and boldest options for their beloved canine clients.

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