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The battle between the East Coast and the West Coast has been waging for years, with New York residents taking their jabs at Los Angeles for a supposed lack of culture. Yet, it appears that times are changing, as a growing number of New Yorkers are choosing to head west as they escape from a city that is slowly becoming more about money than creativity. As such, many are asking: Why not head to Los Angeles when you can enjoy the best of both worlds in one great location?

Enjoying the Best of New York Without the High Prices and Snow

Indeed, for many who once considered New York to be their home, Los Angeles offers all of the best of New York without the hassles. Aside from the better year-round weather that Los Angeles has to offer, luxury housing options in LA are typically more affordable and opulent.

The city also offers a laid-back atmosphere and a bohemian spirit that cannot be achieved in New York. In short, LA is now home to more than just the rich and famous. It is also home to young artists who enjoy experimenting with their craft, whether it be film, fine art, theater or culinary.

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Exploring the Arts in LA

While Los Angeles has long been home to a strong underground arts scene, the city has recently experienced a great explosion of art. Since 2013, more than 50 galleries have been opened in the city. Furthermore, the art scene is starting to spread from central Hollywood and the downtown area to areas such as Culver City, West Adams and Leimert Park. While New York is still the hub for the arts, recent art school graduates and other emerging artists are increasingly deciding to move to LA instead of the Big Apple. As such, some in the industry think there are more musicians, writers, filmmakers and visual artists living in Los Angeles than New York at this time.

The fashion scene is also seeing a boom in Los Angeles, with Saint Laurent recently moving its fashion studio to Los Angeles. Burberry also recently held a runway show at the Griffith Observatory. The event attracted 700 guests, including A-listers such as Elton John and Anna Wintour.

This is not to say that New York does not have much to offer to those who wish to purchase a home in the city. In fact, for those who can afford it, a home in both Los Angeles and New York City is ideal. For those who are looking to choose a location for a primary residence, however, there is no denying that LA is becoming far more cosmopolitan. No longer a city for New Yorkers to sneer at, it is now a city to be revered for its beautiful weather, breathtaking views, affluent residents, cultural diversity and eclectic arts scene.

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