San Diego Architecture Inspiration

Designing the interior of your luxury home can prove to be a monumental task. There are so many beautiful design visions to choose from that picking one can be rather overwhelming. If you’re in need of a little inspiration you need not look any further than some of the fantastical sites of Southern California. This region is home to some of the most beautiful and eccentric architecture and a quick road trip from Los Angeles to San Diego with a few stops along the way might be just the ticket to get your creative juices flowing.

Here are a few spots we recommend to draw inspiration from when designing your luxury home.

Start at Pasadena’s Gamble House

Just north of Los Angeles is the quiet and quaint city of Pasadena, where you’ll find Gamble House. This home dates back to the early 1900s and is known for its arts and crafts style architecture and detail. The home has a rich Asian influence with stunning craftsmanship from its stained-glass windows down to its incorporation of warm woods such as teak, maple and mahogany. Outside, the exquisite gardens will inspire you to bring your home back to nature with simplistic Japanese aesthetics.

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Proceed to the Griffith Observatory

One of Los Angeles’ most iconic pieces of architecture is the Griffith Observatory. Perched high above the glittering city, this structure is a monument to both art deco architecture and Spanish influence, each of which are prevalent styles in Southern California. Draw inspiration from the clean lines of the deco architecture dramatized by the rustic flair of the Spanish style, a truly unique style to California.

Head down to Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove

Whether you are denominational or not, you can certainly appreciate the impressive size and intricacy of Garden Grove’s Crystal Cathedral. This site is one of the most ambitious buildings in Southern California as it is constructed out of reflective glass and steel. It is the largest glass building in the world and brings new meaning to letting in natural light. This space may inspire you to embrace the vastness of the space in your luxury home, and work to bring the outside in with expansive windows and natural sunlight.

Continue south to Geisel Library at UCSD

The unique and zany aesthetic of Dr. Seuss lives on at the University of California San Diego campus. The school library is named after author and artist Theodor Geisel and consists of a structure that seems to defy gravity. From a tower base made of reinforced concrete, the building blooms into a geometrical terraced structure that is evocative of a tree you might find in one of Geisel’s unique artistic renderings. The geometric wonder of the glass and concrete structure is sure to ignite your passion for an intricate and interesting style, perhaps perfect for the interior of your own home.

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