Southern California Luxury Technology Innovations

With each and every passing year, technology is becoming more and more mind blowing. The gadgets we carry in our pockets and purses and the ones we install in our homes are becoming smarter and more intuitive, thus becoming a more important part of our lives. In 2015, several innovations in technology are expected to really take San Diego home owners’ lives to the next level. Here are a few of those gadgets to look out for.

Apple Watch

It seems each time a new or upgraded Apple product comes out, a ludicrous amount of hype seems to come with it. Within the coming year, Apple-philes will once again have a brand new product to rant and rave about with the debut of the Apple Watch, the company’s first new product category since the passing of Steve Jobs. This smartwatch is expected to operate almost as a smartphone or tablet that can literally stay on you all the time and will undoubtedly unleash a new approach to analyzing your own biometrics or staying connected to friends at work.

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What’s really great about the release of the Apple watch is that although it may not be the top form of this type of technology, it sets the precedent and paves the way for innovation in competitors’ products.

Smarter Fitness Trackers

With an increase in devices such as the Apple watch and other fitness bands, technology only stands to get better for these products that can help us lead healthier lives. These devices are now incorporating technology that can analyze your biometrics throughout the day and during workouts to record how much activity you’re getting and how you can alter your lifestyle to make it healthier. Metrics such as heart rate, the amount of steps taken or even sun exposure can be read and analyzed by specialized apps that can provide meaningful feedback and encouragement.

Streaming Services

With rising prices and increasingly bad service, cable companies are quickly becoming the most reviled industry in the nation. An answer to the dreaded cable subscription has been granted in a number of streaming services popularized over the last few years by Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. This year will add only more of these services to the docket, including HBO, which will be available for the first time ever without a cable subscription, and has some of the most widely acclaimed programming on television today.

People-Helping-People Apps

Through app technology, people have become connected in a way unlike any before. There is now an abstract marketplace where people help other people for nominal fees. Last year Uber made it really big with its ride-sharing service, and this year will see the creation of many more similar apps that will make home owners’ lives easier and more connected. Apps such as Instacart can do your grocery shopping, while others can arrange for laundry services or remind you to do chores.

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