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There are few designers in the world more suited to arranging a luxury space than iconic interior designer and potter, Jonathan Adler. His designs evoke the cheerful along with the sophisticated, creating dynamic spaces that are as inviting as they are inspirational. Here are a few lessons from the “great one” on maximizing and dramatizing your own luxury home.

Hang ’em High

A lofty room attribute that Adler has come to love over the years is soaring window curtains. Hanging curtains high enough to kiss the ceiling is a simple element that can add high drama to even a sparse or diminutive room. The long, flowing curtains create a room lengthening effect, making your windows seem larger and your ceilings higher.

Orange You Glad to See Me?

Being the bright, bold hue that it is, the color orange is often relegated to small accents within a room. Adler embraces this sunny, cheery color by treating it almost as if it is a neutral color, incorporating it seamlessly into every room of a home. Allow orange to run throughout your home, using it on furniture and the walls freely and tastefully. The bright hue will help to make each and every day sunny and hopeful, and will give your home the high-style sophistication of an Adler-designed home.

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Bigger is Better

Looking at an Adler room is like looking at a Picasso. Large contrasting elements mingling together in an interesting space draw the eye in and around every bit of the room from top to bottom. He will pair a super-sized lampshade with a funky floor-to-ceiling sculpture amid a furniture layout that features not one, but four bright gold tables. Oversized objects such as a massive four-poster bed can add an element of grandeur, but also a playful irreverence that can help create a memorable and gorgeous space.¬†Adler is not afraid to make big, bold choices, and you shouldn’t be either when considering interesting pieces for your own luxury space.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Having fun with the decor of your home will set the tone for the rest of your life. As the saying goes, “a happy home makes a happy heart,” so don’t be afraid to instill some lighthearted fun in your design choices. Pick an area rug that evokes the rolling waves of the sea or wall accents that depict a smiling sun. Create a fun and inviting atmosphere by challenging tradition with unexpected accents that will make you happier and healthier. Whether that means having multi-colored accent pillows or a couch in the shape of a man’s head, Adler strongly suggests embracing the weird and ultimately amusing.

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