Luxury Kitchen Black Color Palette

The age of the sterile, white kitchen is over. Instead of turning to shades of white such as Oatmeal, Bone White and Egg Shell, luxury home owners are now turning to the dark side to make their kitchen spaces more dramatic beyond granite countertops and the occasional panel painted over with chalkboard paint. Instead of looking to the French countryside for inspiration, many luxury designers are finding themselves referencing more masculine influences such as Art Deco and steam-punk.

As this new trend takes off, home owners are turning to paint shades that sound more like a craft cocktail list than colors, however the drama and nod to industry is noted in popular paint shades like Fumed Oak, Down Pipe and Knockout Black. Home owners are embracing these paint colors not as simple accent colors, but rather fully integrated themes throughout the kitchen. Charcoal grey and licorice black cabinets all around are being paired with stainless steel appliances and smoky-colored countertops in order to make for a more industrialized environment.

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“It’s definitely a sophisticated, decorated feel,” said Christopher Peacock, founder of Christopher Peacock Home, a Greenwich, Conn.-based high-end manufacturer of custom kitchen cabinetry to The Wall Street Journal. “It says, ‘been there, done that’ to those who still own a white kitchen.”

Luxury Home Owners Embrace Black For Larger Spaces

The all-black kitchen trend has especially taken off in the dramatic spaces of luxury mansions and homes throughout the country and notably in Southern California. While a dark palette might not work for smaller spaces, it is rather ideal for homes that have a vast amount of space that needs an interesting element or two.

“I hate white kitchens,” Joe Lucas, a Los Angeles interior designer, declared to The Wall Street Journal. “A deep lacquered color makes a small city kitchen look amazing and, in an expansive kitchen, dark shades help ground the space.”

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Mr. Lucas, for one, has been a fan of the rich gray paint shade of Down Pipe manufactured by Farrow & Ball. Lucas says the company has more than doubled in sales within the past four years, lending credence to the popular trend.

Aside from the obvious stylistic response to the all-white era of kitchens, the popularity of the all-black or dark-hued kitchen is rising as a universalization of the kitchen space as both a masculine and feminine space. With the rise of gastronomy, the kitchen is no longer a place where mom prepares the pot roast. The kitchen has finally broken away from its traditional role and is a welcome area for the man or woman of the house.

“These days, the kitchen is a real decorated room, rather than just a functional space, and black is the new white.” said New York designer Fawn Galli to The Wall Street Journal. “Yes, black is badass. There’s no way around it.”

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