Laguna Beach Luxury Design Trends

When you’re renovating your dream home, it’s easy to get wrapped up in trends that have been popular for the last few years. However, as quickly as trends come, they also go. If you want to maintain and even increase your home’s value while you renovate it, here are a few trends you might want to skip in 2015.

The Kitchen Desk

Until recently, nothing said luxury kitchen quite like a workspace that was typically about six inches shorter than the average kitchen counter. Luxury home owners would use this space to store cookbooks, make telephone calls and pay the bills, but recent changes in the way we do all of those things has made this space superfluous.

“In many cases today, homeowners don’t have a land line,” said John Petrie, a Pennsylvania-based master kitchen and bath designer, to CBS News. “My wife was one person who got the Southern Living cookbook over and over, year after year; but we don’t do that anymore. It’s all on her iPad.”

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Similarly, we use┬átablet and mobile devices for other activities as well, including paying the bills. As a result a dedicated space like the kitchen desk isn’t terribly useful anymore. Considering the extra counter space and storage you could be giving up to have it, you might consider skipping it.

Whirlpool Bathtubs

A few years ago, whirlpool bathtubs were the ultimate in luxury relaxation, but now home buyers aren’t coveting them as much as they used to. These large tubs can take up a lot of precious space in your master bathroom and they also rack up water usage as well. According to Petrie, one whirlpool bath can use between 80 and 100 gallons of water. Given the historic drought Southern California is in right now, you might want to opt for something that won’t put you over the water usage quota.

“They just take up a lot of real estate that can be used in other fashions that tend to be more desirable for people today, like bigger showers or his-and-hers vanities,” said Petrie.

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Bare Windows

One of the more interesting trends of the last few years was keeping all windows bare in the minimalist style of trendy urban loft spaces. This meant keep the window free of not only any kind of decorative treatment, but also of privacy-protecting shades.

“There’s just nothing on people’s windows,” said Amy Yin, a New Jersey-based interior designer. “It’s completely open. There’s no privacy; there’s nothing to protect from glare. There’s no color, personality, texture or softness, which is what window treatments can do.”

If you’re intent on letting that bright sunshine into your home, don’t sacrifice your family’s privacy. Hang simple shades or panels that will leave your windows open enough to let the light in, but can be closed when privacy is needed.

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