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With a new year comes new trends in luxury home design and the passing of old trends. Nowhere is interior design expressed more exquisitely than in the luxury homes of Southern California. If you’re interested in keeping up with what’s happening in 2015 and what’s so totally 2014, here is a guide to keep you up on the consummately trending décor for your home.

What’s Out

If 2014 decor trends could be summed up in one word, it might be diverting. Everywhere one would look inside a luxury home sporting the latest trends the eye would be met with fantastical prints, colors transitioning from dark to light and text as décor. This year, home owners are getting a little more serious about their decor and these fun, diverting trends are dying off one by one.

Chevron, which was one of the most popular prints of last year, is perhaps the first to be ousted by designers. The energetic zigzag pattern was often used on wallpaper and pillows, but the trend has been drastically oversaturated.

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“You know it’s time to kill the trend when you can buy a Crockpot with a chevron pattern on it,” observed Atlanta designer Kerry Howard to the Wall Street Journal.

Designers are also leaning away from another popular trend: the ombré look for furnishings. This look gained steam in the hair salon and subsequently took off for fabrics and even painted chair designs. Going out of style with ombré is text as a decorative accent. Metal letters with light bulbs proclaiming “EAT” or “LOVE” have officially irritated designers enough to call it quits on the popular trend once and for all.

What’s In

As previously stated, home owners will be going slightly more dramatic this year with their décor. With chevron officially out, geometric patterns in cool shades of indigo, navy blue, gray and muted tones of pink. Where last year finished with bright and bold, this year will start with darker, cooler trends in colors.

Playing into the luxury aspect of these cool colors will be the use of mixed metals in décor. This year designers will start playing with mixing warm and cool metals together to create a look that doesn’t come across as staged but rather artfully curated.  Silver, gold and even black metals will be strategically layered throughout luxury homes for a truly distinctive and dramatic feel for a room.

Another way that designers will really be upping the drama in luxury homes is to incorporate painterly rugs into rooms that are especially heavy in geometric furniture and patterns. These rugs evoke the work of Jackson Pollock with their random strokes of color and are the perfect complement to the otherwise strict order of patterns and straight, clean lines.

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