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The end of the world as we know it is never an easy thought to contemplate, but one company is adding a bit of luxury to that scenario. For the first time ever, Vivos founder and CEO Robert Vicino and his company have opened up a luxurious doomsday bunker to the public and if you’re lucky you and your family might just get an invitation to the most exclusive club on Earth.

Located in Germany, Vicino’s underground bunker is a fortified structure that is fit for a James Bond villain. The shelter was originally built by the Soviets during the Cold War to house military equipment and munitions. After East Germany was once again incorporated into the greater Germany in 1990, the country’s government planned to use the structure for a similar purpose and made significant improvements to the fortifications. A roadblock was posed by a law that prohibits the storage of ammunition near a major highway, however, and the 76-acre property was put up for auction.

Enter one wealthy investor and Vivos, a company specializing in underground survival shelters. The investor bought the entire tract of land including the structure itself and Vivos was commissioned to transform the structure not just into one large shelter, but several slightly smaller ones that could be purchased for families.

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“We are proud to bring this epic project forward in these increasingly dangerous times,” Vicino said to Forbes.

Special Invitations Required for World’s Most Exclusive Shelter

Families that want to inhabit the structure are only able to purchase their space after being invited via an exclusive invitation. However, being an underground lair it’s next to impossible to simply walk through the front door of the structure. Situated within the rock of a mountain, the structure can withstand close-range nuclear blast, a direct airplane crash, biological and chemical warfare, shock waves, earthquakes, tsunami, electro-magnetic pulses and almost any armed-attack known to man.

The complex consists of over 227,904 square feet of living area in addition to 43,906 square feet of above-ground space featuring an office, warehouse and a train servicing depot. Every family that buys a shelter within the structure has the option to bring in their own architect and contractor to build out their living quarters to their own specifications.

The underground rooms are engineered not just for safety, but for comfort as well. Two fully customized climate and ventilation systems regulated temperature and humidity. There is also a self-contained water and power generation system with plenty of back-up in the event of an emergency. Within the walls of the mountain there is also a water treatment plant, a power plant, a hospital area, restaurant areas, air filtration and cooling systems. Once the facility is totally sealed up the only way in or out is through helicopter.

Space is currently still available inside the bunker, but will set buyers back a reported 1 billion Euros, or approximately $1,128,410,000.

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