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Of all the factors that keep bringing more home owners to Los Angeles, its innovational sense of connectivity is easily one of the strongest allures. In 2015, the city has plans to greatly improve on that connectivity by minimizing the sprawl through the incorporation of a greater interconnected bike lane network. Recent developments around the city have shown that the plan is well underway and that Los Angeles is headed toward a very important new era.

The city’s first fully protected bike lanes are currently being constructed on the stretch of Reseda Boulevard between Parthenia and Plummer Streets in the Northridge neighborhood. In addition to providing a buffer of parked cars between bikers and drivers, the project will also feature an aesthetic makeover with plans to include a funky sidewalk and street furniture.

The project is a part of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s ‘Great Streets’ project, which aims to revitalize the city’s streets, making them more pedestrian and bike friendly. Safer bike lanes have been an important component of the project, but the mayor also wants to breathe a little more life into the urban potential Los Angeles lost in the sprawl.

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In a State of the City address reported on by The Los Angeles Times last April, Garcetti announced the improved sections of the city would be “the standard-bearers of a revitalized city, one main street at a time.”

Los Angeles Heads Toward a Greener, Busier Future

With an increasingly varied network to get around the city in, the mayor hopes to give Los Angeles a brighter future that doesn’t depend so much on cars that clog the freeway and muddy up local streets. Given the beautiful weather Southern California is blessed with, making certain areas more accessible to bikers, pedestrians and even strollers stands to help local businesses thrive as well.

“We’ll make your street accessible to pedestrians, wheelchairs, strollers and bicycles–not just cars. We’ll create an environment where new neighborhood businesses can flourish. We’ll pave the streets and make them green streets — clean and lush with plant life, local art, and people-focused plazas,” Garcetti said.

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With the construction started on Reseda Boulevard it seems that brighter future is edging closer to reality every day. The city has already made strides in the last decade. Since 2006 the bike infrastructure system has grown by more than double, from 245 miles to 562 miles.

Another project that is also on the docket and will make the city more green if approved is the regional bike share program. Similar programs have been successfully instituted in denser cities such as New York, Chicago and Washington, DC, but given the sprawl of Los Angeles many officials doubted its efficacy. It seems that the overwhelming demand for such a program is winning out however, and the city is currently finalizing plans to open 65 stations that would give downtown Los Angelenos access to about 1,000 bikes.

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