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Many homes throughout the Los Angeles region are a works of art themselves, but when home owners want to imbue their home with a little more flair for the dramatic, they go to Jacqueline Moore. With an eye for detail and an overwhelming amount of talent, Moore found her niche in restoring centuries old works.

She was once paid $100,000 to restore a 17th century door for a Santa Barbara billionaire. She was paid all over again when the same door was damaged in a fire and she was hired to repair it. No matter how unorthodox her projects get, Moore has a knack for getting it done.

Moore’s specialty lies in classic painting on wood and from her Silver Lake studio she is providing Southern California home owners and businesses with some very exquisite works. Among Moore’s famous clientele is Kevin Costner, Michelle Pfeiffer and Christina Ricci, while her works also appear in several location of Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons hotels.

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Many of the artist’s commissions range from $500 to $3,000, however she has taken on greater projects like the billionaire’s door. She’s even being commissioned to hand-paint a 680-square-foot room in teh fall.

Los Angeles Artist Has Deep Connection With Medium

Although her work doesn’t come cheap, it does come highly regarded. Moore has cultivated a reputation as one of the most in-demand Los Angeles artists not just because of her skill in classic painting, but because she is able to establish a deeper connection with the medium she is working with.

For the door restoration project, she was able to analyze the strokes on different parts of the work. Her analysis told her that the upper part of the door frame was likely done by students, their work given away by careful, studied strokes, while the carefree, confident strokes of the master painter were found elsewhere on the door. This knowledge helped Moore to copy not just the image, but the style in which it was done. Her eye was able to determine even the inconsistency in the work and the result was a near-perfect recreation.

Moore hails from a small English village located about two hours north of London. Her love for the classic works of centuries ago cast her out of most social circles in art school, but it has helped her establish her own place in the art world, even at a time when artists are having trouble scraping together enough money to survive.

“I focus on a leaf, the way water ripples behind a duck in a pond, the way light passes through blades of grass,” said Moore to The Wall Street Journal.

Although the artist is most at home in nature, she’s also grown quite fond of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and the steady stream of wealthy patrons here guarantees that she will likely have a welcome home here fore many more years.

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