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With all said and done at the Academy Awards, which took place Sunday, February 22, there is a whole new group of Oscar winners and losers. However, only in Hollywood do the losers walk away with a gift bag worth more than $160,000. This year’s gift bag was worth more than double that of last year, and is a stunning study in what it means to live luxuriously in Southern California.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most luxurious items and adventures that many of the Oscar nominees unwrapped in their goodie bags to nurse their disappointment.

Hair Follicle Stimulant

In Hollywood, the youthful appearance that comes with a full head of hair is highly sought after. In order to turn celebrities on to a product line that can help with a receding hairline, Dr. Jane Cases of the Wellness 360 Center included this special serum valued at $1,200, which helps to stimulate hair growth. A statement on the product makes the claim that the stimulant provides nutrients and polypeptide-enriched chemicals that can help to revitalize the scalp and reawaken muscles and proteins crucial to hair growth.

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Glamping Adventure

Unlike past years’ gift bags, this year included a number of luxury travel amenities including a Glamping adventure designed by tour group Terravelo. Celebrities who love to get out in the fresh, open Southern California air will be able to do so, without the hassle of having to set up camp or even cook food. Terravelo’s support van follows hikers, cyclists and even traditional campers through their journey, ready to back them up with a chef-prepared pork loin sandwich or chilled mango soup.

Custom Furniture

One of the most entertaining aspects of the Oscars is seeing what designers’ creations make it onto the red carpet. Thanks to the outrageously generous gift bag, nominees will also get a designer’s custom creation for their home. Architect Elena Foccoli, who skillfully crafts and designs furniture and buildings out of her studio space in Buonconvento, Italy, has been tapped to provide custom pieces of furniture for every nominee. The value of each piece is around $28,000.

Italian Vacation

If nominees want to travel to Italy to see their custom furniture being made in person, their gift bag can provide accommodations. The Italian luxury hotel package treats nominees to three nights in Tuscany, three nights near Lake Como and three more in Sorrento. The accommodations provided are luxury suites in some of the finest hotels Italy has to offer.

Psychic Readings

Sometimes stars want a little more guidance in what roles will lead them down the path to Oscar glory. With the future of every nominee in mind the gift bag includes a key to the tools that will help. Olessia Kantor, the founder of Enigma Life will fly out for a personal session in which she discusses mind control techniques, horoscope predictions and dream analysis.

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