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When selling a home there is an endless checklist for the home owner to follow in order to make sure the home is marketed just right to potential buyers. Many real estate agents and home owners who have been through sales before have techniques they swear by that will attract buyers to visit the home and draw them in to make a purchase. Many will go so far as to spend thousands of dollars to stage the home, making it look and feel the very epitome of luxury. Some hired stagers are taking this trend a little further by having families actually live in luxury homes in order to maintain the look and feel of the luxurious life.

A home staging company recently began the trend by extending an offer to a carefully sought after group of middle-class families. The families are able to live at a rather modest cost in luxury homes for sale, as long as they maintain the spotless look of the home. The psychology behind these “human props” is to make a vacant house look clean, comfortable and inviting, an effect that emanates from the day-to-day living activities of happy family inhabiting the home.

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“There is an energy in that home,” Tampa-based Showhomes franchise owner Linda Saavedra told The Washington Post. “The temperature and the smells are all completely different. It really feels like home.”

Luxury Homes in Los Angeles Can Benefit From Human Props

The stagers at companies like Saavedra’s Showhomes work off the premise that a home is more desirable as a lived-in property. If left vacant or unfurnished, a home can seem like a “ghost” property which can greatly deter buyers.

“There is a higher perceived value to a home versus a vacant house that looks like a distressed property,” Saavedra continued.

While homes are benefiting from the perceived inhabitants, families of more modest means are able to enjoy luxury lifestyles for a time as well. The families are referred to as home managers, and are able to stay in beautiful homes for a fraction of the normal rent price. The catch for the home managers is that they absolutely must keep the home in pristine condition, and must be able to vacate the premises as soon as a showing is scheduled.

The managers bring their own belongings along as they are moved from luxury home to luxury home, but they are not allowed to disturb any of their surroundings once they are in the home. This means learning to live without clutter, which can be a challenge for some. Still, the staging companies try to make the process as painless as possible, many times even footing the bill for the home managers’ moving costs. The option is a great one for families getting back on their feet after the recession, and also for divorcees or empty nesters who are mobile enough to move on a semi-regular basis.

The luxury lifestyle is one that sets many trends. If you are interested in looking at luxury Los Angeles propertys, please contact our team of representatives today.

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