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Even in Southern California, where temperatures typically stay above freezing even in the coldest winter months, the flu can run rampant throughout the region’s households. Exposure to germs is inevitable, but it is possible to take a few precautions that can help reduce the likelihood that you contract the flu in the next few months. Here are a few tips to keep your San Diego home flu free this winter.

Wash your hands… a lot

It may seem excessive to make such a simple and commonplace recommendation, but the benefits of regular, even excessive hand washing cannot be emphasized enough. No matter what kind of work you’re in or what kind of community you frequent day to day, you come into contact with people who are carrying contagions all the time and you need to take the initiative to constantly be removing these contagions from your own body.

Take your time when washing up. Use soap and water to rid your skin of viruses and make sure to scrub vigorously for 20 seconds or more. Some experts recommend timing yourself by singing “Happy Birthday” twice while lathering up, making sure to get under fingernails, on the backs and in between your fingers as well. The temperature of the water won’t matter much, as long as you scrub thoroughly and vigorously, germs will be physically removed from your skin.

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Hand sanitizers have become very popular items on the market as of late. A small bottle to keep in a purse or glove compartment of a car can be awful handy in a pinch. Although it can’t do everything soap and water can, hand sanitizer is a viable option when you are on the go.

Limit your physical interactions

One way to avoid contracting germs is to limit your contact with those who may be carrying them. Many medical professionals suggest avoiding physical greetings during flu season, such as shaking hands.

“Doctors tend to be very cautious about hand shaking,” says Terri Remy, MD, medical director of Medical Associates at Beauregard in Alexandria, Va, to WebMD. “Just explain, ‘To keep transmission of colds and flu down, I’m not shaking hands. But hello! Nice to meet you!’ They understand.”

Keep your home tidy

If having an clean, organized space to live in isn’t reason enough to keep up with your chores at home, perhaps your health will be. Every week or so, devote some serious time to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces of your home. Some commonly missed spots are doorknobs and light switches, so don’t forget to give those a good scrubbing as well. Take stock of your home, pondering what areas could represent a threat and how you can eliminate that problem.

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