Laguna Beach Luxury Guest Houses

Owning a luxury home in a beautiful locale such as Laguna Beach can be an incredible experience that can afford a home owner many rewards. And one of those rewards might just be an influx of visitors and house guests. In order to give house guests and home owners a little more privacy and space, many Laguna Beach home owners have been investing in the construction of guesthouses on their properties.

Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, are studio-like units constructed on a lot with a larger, existing house. ADUs are also often referred to as mother-in-law apartments, granny flats or studio apartments. These units are typically tiny in size, but can be luxuriously crafted to meet the expectations of any high-end home owner wanting to entertain guests for a few days in an independent, yet remarkable manner.

Before jumping on the bandwagon and adding a granny flat to your luxurious home, there are a few things that experts want home owners to be aware of. Here are a few different legal issues that can complicate the construction of your new guesthouse.

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Home Owners in Different Cities Face Different Regulations

One of the very first things a home owner should look into prior to building a guesthouse onto their property is the local zoning rules and regulations. Across the country, and even across the region of Southern California, different cities entertain different ideas about what is acceptable and not acceptable when building even tiny structures such as guesthouses.

Although a home owner should be free to determine what is done with their property, if a structure does not follow city ordinances fines and other strict code enforcement practices may be incurred. Zoning laws determine how high and for what use certain structures can be built to within specific areas of a city. Make sure that any plans you have for additional units on your property adhere to the guidelines given by the city.

One last area to check for any building restrictions is your home or property title policy and homeowner’s association. If these governing bodies and documents don’t impede any construction, it might just be time to think about breaking ground.

Consult With a Professional

While some of the most basic structures may not require the services of an architect or engineer, it is always best practice to hire one anyway. These professionals can ensure not only that proper zoning codes are followed, but also that all safety requirements are in place for the structure. Avoiding the knowledgable guidance of an architect or engineer might otherwise open you, the home owner, up to liability if the structure somehow fails or injures one of your guests. Consult with a professional for best construction practices, and let your guests rest knowing they are in a safe environment.

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